So We Built A Zoo: The Tristram Town PK Project

We all knew that town was not a safe location in Diablo III (until v1.0.3 put up barriers), and you often heard jokes about leading monsters into town and trapping the waypoint, but did anyone actually do it? Yes, actually.

GiantKiller shared in the forums links to a lengthy and largely-humorous illustrated saga of massive town trapping. There are dozens of screenshots showing off the chaos and the deaths of players joining the game, all of whom were no doubt cheered in their seconds of surprised terror by jolly messages about “welcome to the zoo please do not feed the animals.”

The softcore version is pretty amusing, but they posted a Hardcore one as well, which is less amusing. Or perhaps more amusing, depending on your perspective.

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35 thoughts on “So We Built A Zoo: The Tristram Town PK Project

  1. OK I gotta be real here. The HC version had me laughing so hard I had to close the door to my office.

    I play HC exclusively. Probably my last memory of D2 was getting TPPK’d by a Hydra sorc.

    What makes it even more sick is they are getting the secret level Feat of Strength from it in most of the cases. I can still barely control my laughter.

    Stealing the gold wasn’t cool though.

    EDIT: You know what this game needs? Ears. Drop-able, RMAH-able EARS.

    • I’m not really sure what he expected to happen with that transaction. Why would you trust a total stranger to pay you back? He was begging to be taken TBH.

    • Stealing 10.5M hardcore gold is like stealing 500-1000 bucks. This guy deserves to get testicular cancer.

  2. I noticed GiantKiller’s thread was deleted hours ago. Why are you linking to the thread that was gone before the article was uploaded? Also, this blog news failed to comment that dozens of HC characters were brought down by this feature of Tristram, and that he also scammed 10 million gold out of another player.

    • I don’t think Incgamers is condoning it by posting this… and it’s been patched, so now it’s “hey, remember when…”

      Also, in other news, people are dying in Africa.

  3. I saw this the other day and laughed my head off while reading the softcore version!

    -but I agree, the hardcore version was just sick and wrong to do to players.

  4. Funny? Totally.
    But the first time inferno packs chased me into town, I had to shake my head… how could blizzard over look something so damn basic?

      • The HC one was using the secret level and having people click his banner as he kited mobs. It is still very possible to do. I don’t play HC public, but if I did, I sure as hell wouldn’t click banners, griefers or not.

  5. Holy hell that was funny. Though I feel awful for the guy who got scammed moreso than those who got killed. If a level 60 is in the game, I’d say leave.


    • There is a video of him killing people in Ponyland, not as fun as the storyboard though.


  6. Once again yet another case of ‘little things amusing little minds’. At first I was tempted to flame IncGamers for actually posting this garbage. But after some thought it makes more sense to consider this a *warning*. Jerks like this particular griefers are most definitely out there.

  7. I admit to doing this on softcore once, and I can say without a doubt it was the funnest time I had had with the game.

  8. Definitely not funny for me. This PK was having some fun, but I really don’t understand why this ended up on the main site. Oh, and the guy should be now 60$ loss.

  9. Would it be too far fetched for the HC victims to consider legal recourse for this? Since GiantKiller posted everything he did, it could be used as evidence for theft of items that have a real world value over $1000 (10.5M gold)… grand theft Larsony or something. As funny as the storyboard was, would be even more funny to see GiantKiller the real life D3 nerd go to prison, perhaps someone can storyboard that! 🙂

    • Waaaaaaa. These people lost a GAME character! Oh what will they do?!?! 🙄

      Let’s not put drug dealers and car thieves in prison, but place a guy who stole some GAME GOLD and created a game to where GAME CHARACTERS died, in prison. 🙄

      Thank you for contributing to the downward spiral of the legal system, and for enforcing the fact that no lawsuit should be considered frivolous. 🙄

  10. For what it’s worth, I’d recommend taking this post down/deleting it. The person’s site that is linked to, beyond showing him killing people in town, documents him actively scamming millions of gold from other players. Probably don’t want to associate the site with scammers.

  11. The griefing was funny as hell i love it. The gold stealing was not cool at all, hope he gets what he deserves

  12. This is what happens when QA teams do little actual play testing. It shows.

    Bravo good sir on the PKs. Some time wasted on their part, but they’ll recover. However, I must say I don’t approve with the gold scam. That isn’t clever, merely dickish.

  13. Agreed – don’t patronize an a-hole like this. It’s one thing to teach a valuable lesson about public games, but it’s another to just blatantly scam someone out of their hard-earned gold. Hope he’s banned.

  14. Play on bnet they said.

    It will be fun, they said.

    Contrary to others I think this deserves first page so more people learn how to protect themselves.

  15. Scamming the guy out of his gold was a dick move, but luring the HC characters to their demise was priceless! Preying on the greed of others can make a fun story!

  16. RoCDiablo is an idiot. Giantdouchebag or whatshisface INTENTIONALLY robbed those people of a lot of time. If you think that this immature behavior is at all funny and you are above the age of 12, you should go see a therapist.
    And Giantdouchebag should be shot in the face.

    If you really need to hurt other people in order to feel good about yourself, you sir, are sad. And then posting it on the forums to ”show off” because you think you are cool, that’s just a whole new level of sad.

    And no, websites should indeed not condone this type of behavior. -1 for incgamers.

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