Sneaky Patch #10 Game Change Info Coming Soon

Beta testers have probably had some time to get into the game now and been busy checking out the game changes, but what game features have been removed that may not have been spotted just yet? In a response to a query regarding the now missing DiabloWikiScroll of Companion which summoned a critter such as bats, chickens or pigs who could help collect your gold, Bashiok says:

We’ll have info soon. Some additional changes snuck in to Patch 10.

I would not be surprised if we see at least one more lengthy update from Jay regarding the game systems but it also sounds like we’ll have an additional set of notes for patch #10 to check out soon.

I played all the way through today and didn’t find a single scroll, whereas before I would have had at least half a dozen.

If you are on the test and want to share any ommissions you have spotted, you can add anything into the Beta Forums here.

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    14 thoughts on “Sneaky Patch #10 Game Change Info Coming Soon

    1. I never liked the scroll of companion, really. It didn’t fit Diablo 3, and I always felt really weird having a small squirrel/rabbit/ferret following me around picking up my gold. At least a monkey would have made sense.

    2. It “feels” like the AI has been toned down…again. I can stand in front of a lot of monsters and they won’t attack for a disturbing amount of time.
      And maybe I’ve been extremely lucky (or maybe this goes in with potential point number one) but I have seen a lot more monsters than usual clustered into dungeons.

      They changed the map generation for the defiled crypt and perhaps the cath levels, too. Go find a Jar of Souls tile and you’ll see what I mean. It’s a bit more random now. Sounds silly once I type it.
      There’s new item art and more undocumented UI changes.

    3. So… are the Scrolls of Companion gone from the game files or were they just removed from the content covered in the beta?

    4. Whenever I watched beta game play videos (I’m not in the beta) and they had a companion out, I found myself starring at it. It was just distracting to the eye maybe it’s not so bad when you’re the one playing but that’s just my two cents.

      Maybe they should just increase the gold pick up radius automatically as you level?

      • I don’t miss the scrolls, but I miss their functionality. The little critters were often almost impossible to see in a dungeon, there was no indication as to how long they’ve been out, they’d get stuck on geometry, etc.
        But I liked that I didn’t have to run like some kinda weirdo across the map to get gold.

        I don’t imagine they’d make it a native “stat” because they used it as a junk mod on items. Some passives even use it, a WD one for sure from the top of my head, which is worthless.

        • Yeah, I don’t think it needs to be a “stat” per se, but maybe every character has the same pick up distance at the same level, and it just increases in the background with each ding… or something?

          They could add the specific distance to the in depth details of the character stat menu but since it’s not a big issue I think it would be best to kind of passively increase it.

          Lets be honest, no one is going to think an item stat of “increases gold pick up radius” is a determining factor when deciding what to equip.

    5. or u can just run over gold because auto pick-up on its own should feel like a luxury to past d2 players. 8)

      • Except that half the time in Diablo 2 no one bothered picking up gold… Because there was not much of a point… Now there is, so it makes sense to make it more convenient.

    6. Here’s a tangent thought to, well, enjoy? Bobby is pissed and on a firing frenzy. “We need more bucks! X-PAC ASAP!” — so, they cut lots of stuff out for a quick 6-month expansion for more $bucks$.

      Don’t take me seriously.

      • I don’t think anyone here can take you seriously after claiming Blizz will put out an x-pak after only 6 months… See SC2: Cylon Kerrigan.

    7. It’s kinda the opposite – when playing, I’m always thinking damn, can’t see my companion. Did it despawn?

    8. i am missing companions i was hoping for hiddenn content like kill 20 rabbits in 1 minute to fall through rabbit hole into rabbit hell level  🙂

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