Beta testers have probably had some time to get into the game now and been busy checking out the game changes, but what game features have been removed that may not have been spotted just yet? In a response to a query regarding the now missing DiabloWikiScroll of Companion which summoned a critter such as bats, chickens or pigs who could help collect your gold, Bashiok says:

    We’ll have info soon. Some additional changes snuck in to Patch 10.

    I would not be surprised if we see at least one more lengthy update from Jay regarding the game systems but it also sounds like we’ll have an additional set of notes for patch #10 to check out soon.

    I played all the way through today and didn’t find a single scroll, whereas before I would have had at least half a dozen.

    If you are on the test and want to share any ommissions you have spotted, you can add anything into the Beta Forums here.

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