Sneaky Diablo 3 Easter Egg Spotted in Act Two

Sneaky Diablo 3 Easter Egg Spotted in Act Two

A fan named Manatee Tamer spotted (via Reddit) a very easy-to-overlook Easter Egg in Act Two, in the form of a dead Zerg lying atop a building. I’ve been through that part of the Howling Plateau countless times without noticing it, so props to him for catching sight of the hidden treat. It’s a sneaky Diablo 3 Easter Egg Spotted in Act Two.

Can you spot today’s Easter Egg find? If not in the big screenshot, the close up has a spotlight circle for the egg-impaired.

Can you spot the Easter Egg?
Can you spot the Easter Egg?
Closeup with spotlight.
Closeup with spotlight.

Back in May, Blizzard contributed to an article about their favorite Easter Eggs in Diablo 3. Their top six were:

  • DiabloWikiWhimsyshire.
  • A license plate sometimes falls of DiabloWikiGhom‘s stomach. (Jaws reference.)
  • The six DiabloWikiBlack Rock Ledgers. (Lost reference.)
  • The DiabloWikiFaithful Memory legendary sword with a Ben Boos reference.
  • Arthas’ helm frozen in the Ice Caves. (WoW reference.)
  • Goatmen worshiping an Ultralisk skull in Act One. (Starcraft reference.) Not yet publicized.
  • A Wirt monster seeking his legs (never implemented).
  • At the time the Bliz guys noted that if anyone had spotted the Ultralisk skull with the Goatmen worshiping it, it hadn’t been much publicized. Obviously this screenshot isn’t from Act One and there aren’t any Goatmen, (and it wasn’t one of their favorite half dozen Easter Eggs to include in that article) but apparently there are dead Zerg lying all over Sanctuary.

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    11 thoughts on “Sneaky Diablo 3 Easter Egg Spotted in Act Two

    1. what is the reference? what is a zerg? I see the thing, just don't see how it is an easter egg. Please explain.

      • a zerg is an alien species from the game starcraft, also by blizzard.
        zergs are a mencace to the terran and protoss (human and another alien species) races.

    2. Youtube Diablo 3 references and you will find 3 videos made by me with a lot more easter eggs in D3.

    3. Yea the game is packed with easter eggs. Skills, itemization, characters, story, "PvP", "chat", etc. only to name a few.

    4. Not sure if references are the same as easter eggs, but basically all the achievements are named after some pop culture thing. Bunch of skills (Cold Blooded, Wave of Mutilation) are songs, etc.

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