Small Unburied Lore Update

After the big reveal a few hours ago, DiabloWikiBashiok has also made a small lore update on the DiabloWikiUnburied, as well as discussing DiabloWikimonster spawning and encounters with the Unburied. We’ve updated the actual DiabloWikiUnburied article, as well as the news item.

Bashiok later made a small lore update on the Unburied:

DiabloWikiBashiok: The Unburied is formed by the fusion of soil, rock, human bodies and angry souls. The spikes that jut from its body are shards of stone ripped from the earth during the development of the creature.

The second post is a lot meatier, and hard to grasp without the original question:

I was looking at the new Unburied screenshots, namely this one.

On his own, the Unburied looks pretty cool. When there are three or four standing next to each other, exactly identical, it looks kind of less-amazing. What I want to know is can there possibly be a RANDOM generation of features on mobs (particularly big ones like this guy where you really notice it) such as the position/number of spikes on his back, the size and shape of head and limbs, etc?

DiabloWikiBashiok: Well to be perfectly honest all of these shots are set up. Generally you’re probably not going to run into that many at one time. So a couple dispersed within a sea of every other monster, you don’t see the stark repetition. I don’t think normal spawning conditions would have that many facing you at once, especially because they’re kind of tough.

As far as having randomized creatures… mmm… it would take a lot of work but of course it wouldn’t be impossible. The question is though, does that massive undertaking just to make sure a creature doesn’t look the same as the one next to it matter when they’re dead within a matter of seconds? Probably not.

Or a more important question is, how many unique types of monsters do we cut from the final game so this guy doesn’t always have an arm in the same place?
The stark reality of production schedules! They give me nightmares too.

There will be creature variations, but it’s not quite the same as randomization of body parts.

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  1. Honestly, I don’t like it.  It seems like all real creativity has left much of the video game industry, now they’re just recycling old ideas.  Whatever happened to being original?  I mean, shouldn’t these monsters creep me out a little bit? They’re supposed to be made out of corpses, but this thing looks like a cheesy Halloween prop you’d find at Walmart or something.  Cheap plastic, badly painted, made in China, on sale for 5 bucks.

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