Small Diablo 3 Preview

Resolution, a videogaming e-zine from the UK, is helping us out here in our apparent re-emerged DiabloWikiDiablo Drought, and has posted a small preview of Diablo 3. Well, it’s nothing compared to all the material from DiabloWikiWWI 2008 or DiabloWikiBlizzCon 2008, but what’s a guy to do? Here is a short snip:

My personal thoughts on Diablo III are a mixture of excitement that a series I love is coming back after almost a decade, and slight anxiety that it won’t live up to the previous titles. I can’t recall Blizzard ever releasing a duff game so far, though, so hopefully it’s a good sign, and with World of Warcraft still going from strength to strength, the release of Starcraft 2 later this year and Diablo III to look forward to, it looks like Blizzard will reign supreme in 2009.

Well, he seems like he would fit right in with us here at! Read the whole preview here.

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  1. Just a correction to the above comment I already made (it seems the edit ability is “short-lived”):

    here’s the part that has the error in it:

    “However, there

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