With the server migration last night we are a little behind today and missed an interesting Tweet from last night.

    The skill system revision is in full force. Trees begone! I think it might be a winner. Jay says hi.

    Skill trees have been an area in the game that we have seen interesting changes over the past year.  As you’ll see from this section in Diablo Wiki  we’ve gone from the traditional 3 separate trees with their own prerequisites and tiers to one large tree separated into three groups of skills, still with tiers but each tier becomes available in all groups at the same time.  Before this latest Tweet that’s where skill trees stood.  It’s documented in more depth with illustrative images in the Diablo Wiki.  “Trees begone” seems pretty cut and dry to me that trees are being removed.  “Trees overhaul” would have been more open to interpretation but “begone” is quite definite.  In a later Tweet Blizzard had this to say:

    We’re implementing and will be testing a new system that changes how skills are acquired. That’s all I’ll say.

    This seems to be in addition to the removal of trees.  Are they simply talking prerequisites or are they applying a similar system as in World of Warcraft where you purchase skills based on your class?  Perhaps skills can only improve based on the level of monster and frequency you use it on them?

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