+Skill Item Modifiers Confirmed

A couple of weeks ago, right after Beta Patch 13 went live our DiabloNut Diablo 3 Database datamined a huge list of new item modifiers, which seemed to show +skill type bonuses to every skill in the game. It wasn’t clear if those were an old feature just added to the beta build or a new feature being tested out, and there was no telling if they’d actually be active in the game at any point. Queries to Bashiok and the other US CMs went in vain, but now, thanks to the Italian B.net forums, we know that these items are in the game, and should be a huge feature on higher difficulty levels.

Thanks to Lomion for sending the news and the translations of the forum replies by GM Xarishflar. Quotes:

In the final version of the game you will have a wide array of personalization choices; there will be affix and legendary items that will modify the effect of your character abilities. Of course, these high level items are not present in the beta version, but they are to be found in the advanced levels of the game.

…Yeah, they are somewhat replacing the old runes. Developers wanted to give players an additional chance to customize character skills, as an alternative to the recently removed rune quality levels.

…Yes, they are probably going to be equitable items. At the moment we can’t share more precise information with you; the game is still in beta, some things could be revised and modified before release.

This is awesome news, for those of us concerned by the repeated removals of character individualization/customization over the course of Diablo III’s development. It also seems like a great news for the whole “creating an identity for each character” issue; DiabloWikifreespecs are easily done, but if you’ve got some gear that boosts skills X and Y, you’re more likely to find ways to use those powered up skills in all situations, rather than switching to different skills for every new encounter.

I do wonder how the item bonuses actually work, though. After all… there aren’t any skill points anymore, so it’s not like an axe can just have +2 to DiabloWikiFrenzy. It’s not clear from the syntax of the item mods as seen via the datamining. Lots of skills don’t do damage, after all, so how can the same modifiers add to damage, or duration, or the amount of buff or debuffs, etc?

Did the developers leave something akin skill levels in the game code, invisible to the player, but there to be modified by +skill gear or by say, skill shrines, should those return to the game at some point? As several people have suggested in comments, likely these item bonuses will add to the level of your rune effect, hence we might get the visual and the effect of higher level rune bonuses; even the much-lamented “more than 3 shots” with DiabloWikiPoison Dart or DiabloWikiMagic Missile.

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99 thoughts on “+Skill Item Modifiers Confirmed

    • Why, dont follow, please explain.

      It’s other players posting items in the RMAH, so cant see how they could “only” be available there without some player “owning/finding” w/e is put up for sale first. Unless you are thinking of blizzard selling exclusive cosmetic items on the RMAH. So yeah, dont follow 🙂

      • I’m just upset that certain features have been deliberately stripped away to maximize RMAH revenue, not to make the game better or more fun.  And now, the only real means of customizing/differentiating our character will come in the form of gear, and Blizzard is banking that we will hit the RMAH to get that gear.

        Yes, someone has to find that gear first, but that average player will find WAY more gear that their character can’t use than can. “What to do with all that useless gear? Hmmmm….I know! The RMAH!”

        • Ah fair enough 🙂

          Well I’m not sure what to think of the whole RMAH issue, but I do like it better than subscription or a cash shop. I know blizzard will make money from this, but I’m not forced to use the RMAH to play the game. To my luck I’m a hardcore player, so wont be seeing much of the RMAH anyway, at least at release.

          But tbh. I think its better that blizzard makes money from item sales instead of ebay.

          • I mostly agree. I do see some problems. Imagine the RMAH like the stock market, values are in flux. A player has invested in specific +skill gear that is a good value at the time. Blizzard introduces a better version, radically increases availability, or nerfs that specific skill, rendering the items obsolete or common. The investment is devalued… this will incite even more rage than usual now that money is directly involved. In the case of an explicit nerf affecting their purchase (that they believe they own), young players will probably think “This is not what I paid for, I want my money back” or “Who is accountable for this?” Many people understand they are taking a risk under such circumstances, but… If this gets out of hand I could see it tarnishing the reputation Blizzard has built up.

            What are Blizzard’s responsibilities when personally sanctioning this system (regardless of any TOS that no one reads)? Selling a virtual commodity infers some responsibility from the seller to the buyer, but are players really going to look to the players they bought from or Blizzard? If you’re the developer, the target of ensuing rage, what do you do when assuming even greater responsibility for that rage? Will this make every post release change/update more excruciating? Will updates get delayed for endless iteration to make a greater (than normal) attempt to mitigate player rage while at the same time delaying new content? This would affect all players regardless of their RMAH use (and just imagine the negativity throughout the community players would be dealing with as well, with people feeling nerfed AND ripped-off). How Blizzard handles all of this, assuming it doesn’t drastically impact the quality of the service, will be exciting to watch.

      • I believe SteveG is trying to indicate that anyone can just buy their way into L33tness by buying +skill items with real money.
        Given that, it’s just RMAH trolling.  That’s all you need to understand.

        • No, I actually don’t have a big problem with someone buying their way to “L33tness.”  I do have a HUGE problem with Blizzard steering us in that direction.

          • yeah it’s a complicated issue. i mean for instance i see the argument that with the old runestone item system blizzard was still steering us towards using the RMAH to get the highest level spells. this is really an indistinguishable variation of that mechanic. i mean they’ve been designing the game around maximizing profit from those who are willing to pay real money for l33t++ crap since that announcement last year (and probably a long time before then too) but the more i think about it, it’s overall a good thing. we can still get our crazy +80000 magic missile multishot if we want it, instead of runes being one flat level. so at least their masturbatory-pragmatic-bravado-chauvinism corporate design decisions aren’t taking away from the cool-factor of the game (in this particular case)

          • 3 words SteveG – Gold Auction House.
            Many items will be going for gold as well….
            Blizzard is supporting a good trade economy, and that always has been the most interesting part of Diablo IMHO. D2 lasted a long time for me, simply from the trade game.
            The D3 team wanted to make this game based on items, and not static points you put into your character, that would be copy and paste cookie cutter specs, like Diablo 2. Either way, Runestones would’ve been up on the RMAH as well in the previous system. So take your tin-foil hat off…. Maybe Blizzard is “steering us” to have an extremely fun end game? 😛

          • “I hope you’re right, I really do.”  Name that movie!

            Anyways.  Tin foil hat still on.  Overall, I fear the ramifications of this new “D3 as a significant revenue source” mentality.  What does it mean for the crafting system or merchants?  I fear for their survival.  Is Blizzard going to make crafting so compelling that we will want to break down the items we find to crafting material, instead of putting them on the RMAH?  The conspiracy theorist in me says no.  So, whats left is the complete removal of crafting (even less depth) or the deliberate gimping of the system as to not compete with the RMAH (again, less depth).  Also, I don’t think Blizzard will remove merchants, but I do believe they will make them useless, a la WoW.

            In my perfect vision of D3 gear, I saw characters wearing 1/3 gear from drops, 1/3 from crafting, 1/6 from merchants and 1/6 from RMAH.  A system that maximized overall game depth.  Now, I fear that the D3 devs are trying skew this to HEAVILY favor the RMAH.

    • Sounds like the latest lastest minute decision ever made. Another one of them, that is.

      • Stop whining, these are awsome news.Noone push you guys to buy items with real money! FFS Sell something that you dont need and buy something you need.Its simple! GREAT NEWS BLIZZARD!
        Noone push you to spend your money to customize your hero.

    • Yeah, this is where we came at last.. + skill modifier in items means much more customization than the other customization bits if there are any 🙂

    • ….i hope the r more afixes for  missiles for wizard then just 3….   😛
      …with that i be satisfied

  1. quite interesting … a bit relieved since the rune change; still would like a respec fee but who knows …
    actually it sounds quite neat; I hope the items will be just as good if not better then items without those skill runes … so they will be quite valuable.

    and ya the AH will be cool because even if you find one you know you dont like; well who knows maybe you can get one that you do.    

  2. I was just sitting and thinking about how I missed the whole thing about adding points/levels to my skills that we had in D2. This is great news, because frankly, it would not be enough with just +int, +dex and +str from gear to improve DPS.
    However, even with this change, i still think it’s a bummer that they won’t give us rune levels in some form. Afterall, having rune items drop wouldnt be such an inventory nightmare if they just disappeared after being used, just like in it was in D1.

  3. Now perhaps people can chillax a bit, even though theres a game developer hidden in quite alot of people on the different diablo forums, I think blizzard knows what they are doing 😉

    • After 6 years of development time, I’m pretty sure they do too!
      I think people whine and whine and whine, because the wait has been agonizing.
      I know there was a few times where I QQ’d non-stop too, lol.
      We just want the damn game, NAO!!  😈

  4. awesome! The question is if we get to see the exact benefit from the propriety or we get “improves <skill>” and if it can effect skill in multiple ways (no only + damage but duration, AOE CD etc )
    Whatever they way its great info and add plenty of customization!

  5. I thought this would be the case (and mentioned this a few weeks back) – now that I am done talking about how psychic/awesome/douchebagish I am I would like to move on to my next point:  Art assets from skill levels 5, 6, and 7 should exist from the previous rune level system.  As mentioned by Bashiok, base levels are between rune lvl 4 or 5.  If you get a +1 to skill (or equivalent since skill levels are out), it can queue up the rune lvl 6 animation and art, if you get a +2 to skill, it can queue up the rune lvl 7 animation and art.
    Just a theory that hints toward +Skill animations still being as awesome as a maxed-out rune in the old system.  Could be wrong.

    • That’s what I was thinking, too.
      Seems a waste to toss out all that coding and possible art assets, so I would also think that these rune ranks were put onto affixes. 

    • I was thinking the same thing.  Maybe selecting the skill rune now will just use the old rune level 1 animations, but if you get a +2 to a skill, that the runes for that skill will now be powered up to the old level 3 runes of that skill.  That would be nice too since you wouldn’t have to worry about getting the level 7 crimson rune for a particular skill, you could just acquire enough +skill gear for your particular skill then all of the runes for that skill will be the level 7 version.

      I actually like that idea WAY better than the old “find a rune” system.

      The next question would be do the +skill items stack, are you limited to a certain +skill based on level or difficulty or anything like that, since the runes were presumed to drop at certain levels in certain difficulties only. 

      • 50 zombie bears.
        Actually, you have a good point.  Complete theoretical – any “+buff” to a specific skill (in this case, let’s say an affix that gives +50% to zombie bear damage [bringing the total to 286% from base]) could kick the called art asset up to the next “level” with a max of the lvl 7 art asset being called.  A few more pieces of gear adding 25% here or there could do a slow-walk up the art asset chain from lvl 4 to 7.  I’m just spit-balling here.  Thoughts?

        • Well it seems likely that there will be some kind of hard cap in place (Maybe??).  I have no idea how they will implement it, though.  Are they going to animate magic missle shooting 12 missles for the guy who collects +magic missle split rune gear?  I hope so, haha.

        • I think that once you have reached the level cap, they could just IGNORE any further items’ benefits.
          i.e. if (x>7) then make x=7, something as simple as that. 

          Also +1 rune level would be a pretty rare affix and +2 rune levels would not be there at all. My point is, people should really have to farm if they want +7 to a particular skill.

          What I’m most pumped about is that this will create build commitment as you progress, while allowing you to experiment freely in the lower levels. Which is a very cool way of going about it without a gold cost for respec.

  6. Well this is somewhat reassuring.  I’m still a bit concerned since we don’t have more finalized details and the only thing we’ve seen from the datamined mods are boring damage (%) increases.  I hope we’ll see them change the skills in meaningful ways such as adding additional magic missile splits or otherwise increasing the perks of the selected rune.

    • A classic case of selective viewing sekira.  You chose to find the couple of people who no like, overlooking the vast majority of comments here from people welcoming this news.  Was that so you could get to moan or so you could reinforce your own misconception of the community?

      Anyway, on topic, this is great news. It’s going to be interesting to see how this is applied in game. As flux says we can’t simply have +2 to x skill now.  This is going to make me even more of a kid in a sweet shop when it comes to items.

  7. There’ve been skill modifiers in the game files since beta started, and probably long before. They were removed, though, and recently re-appeared.

    It’s nothing but good, but I’m beginning to wonder if too much of the game is being shuffled off onto items.
    I know that Diablo is a numbers game centered on items, etc etc, but it seems the focus on items is almost totally complete in terms of customization. 

    • Just starting to wonder nao? :/

      They pretty much dumped almost the entirety of the RPG customization on items since August. Runes were items, their effects are still on items.

      This particular change is simply (and necessarily) reinforcing that particular decision to make the item primacy work rather than something new.

      If anything, I could argue for this being an improvement over the previous rune system because with the old one, rune rank ups were just a progression. With this implementation, depending on the details, rune rank ups are actually specialization (if you cannot “max out” every skill with the affixes).

      • “If anything, I could argue for this being an improvement over the previous rune system because with the old one, rune rank ups were just a progression. With this implementation, depending on the details, rune rank ups are actually specialization (if you cannot “max out” every skill with the affixes).”

        That is a fantastic point Konfeta.

    • It’s a valid concern.  So much is now resting on item modifiers that it will fuel an endless item search so that each of us can customize our character just as we picture it in our heads.  This search of perfect customization driven by item modifiers has me deeply concerned about keeping my job/family/hygiene above board. This definitely strengthens the standing of the AH and RMAH IMO.

    • I honestly don’t feel having items as a primary source of customization is a bad thing….
      After all, that’s what makes Diablo  Diablo, right?
      When you consider the fact that we have more viable builds than ever before in D3,
      a possibly compelling end-game (Inferno), and an amazing arena pvp feature,
      This game will live up to my expectations, if not easily surpass them.

  8. They said that the skill rune system makes each modifier equivalent to a level 4 or 5 rune previously.  I am guessing that the item modifiers just bump that skill up to rune level 6.

  9. This is definitely great news.  I’m stoked!
    I think Flux’s comment in the last paragraph is spot-on:  I think skill levels are still very much part of the game code, only now instead of us choosing which to increment at level up, they all increment automatically with the levels hidden from the player.  The +skill attributes will probably work the same way, except they will increment the invisible-to-player rune rank instead.

    Either way, I’m glad these +skill mods are confirmed.

  10. This made my day. I’m really hoping that the active skill modifiers do more than just increase damage e.g. +zombie-dogs let’s you summon more zombie dogs. Having +7 on your weapon, your helm, armor, and offhand means 31 dogs. That is hilarious!

    • 31 might be a little ludicrous imo, but yeah I hope this is the case lol.
      Summon 3 dogs early on, and inferno with good equipment – +7 dogs with +110% life?
      Only speculation at this point, but even in the beta now, the skill tooltip still clearly shows 3 in green text. Possible room for improvement? I hope so! 😉

  11. This is great news, all the same I’d like to see effects beyond just increased damage/duration. Like a helm that gave “Frenzy attacks now drain 8-13 life” or “adds a 3 second chill effect to your Plague of Toads” or even “Arcane Orb now detonates twice on separate targets” THAT would make for some epic customization, both in pvp and pvm. 

  12. This is good news.  although, it seems like there are too many skills for them to implementing + specific skills affixes (i.e. + Frenzy).  You will use 6 out of 100+ skills; the chances of finding rare items that have affixes for the specific skills you want would be really low.  Although, if this was the case, it would really encourage build diversity and the use of the AH. Maybe the affixes will be for + skill category (i.e. + primary attack skills, + voodoo skills, + defensive skills) and affect whatever active skill you have in that category.  This would increase the odds of finding something useful for you but I don’t know how it would work in elective mode.

    • your comment doesn’t seem to be getting much attention and it should.  While this is good news, just how are they implementing it?   +Primary Skill, while simpler is kind of lame.  (won’t quiet the respec haters)  However, it does make it far more likely that the ever so hard to find item will have a useful modifier on it.  It would suck to finally find super awesome weapon with + to skill that you don’t use. 
      One way to alleviate that would be to have it pick randomly from your active skills.   That would certainly force people to settle on builds.  Somehow I doubt this is the approach they took. 

      • D2 had +skills affixes, but these were on class specific items that were quite common.  Maybe it will be the same (i.e. Mighty weapons have + Barb skills).

    • Actually I imagine they will do it like Jewels were in D2, with a handful of pics that spawned random affixs

  13. Interesting confirmation.    Really makes that perfect build even more elusive but I like where this is headed.   As always I will hold full opinion till I can get my hands on it. 

  14. Let me be clear… After 4+ years of development, Blizzard completely changed every major system in last 3 months. It all looks like a very rushed and I hope they dont fuck up balance in the game with those changes to rune, item and skill changes.
    Im also curious about one thing. What for we play beta? What we are really testing there? In beta content we see 1% of items in game, all other major systems develop in late game, were not even able to test simple bugs in game because were locxked to 1/3 of Act 1. For me Blizzard is using Beta as a Demo with restricted avaibilty to build up hype and advertise the game.

    • I dont think they just made up these changes, they properbly tried out alot of different systems through the development, this might be something they completed 3 years ago and we never heard of it before now, but they could have testet it for months earlier. We only hear maybe 1/1000 of the stuff they do internaly.

       The time they spent developing D3 and the $ put into this game, dont worry they dont just release some half assed shit.

  15. This does raise another issue though. An issue that has been raised before! If the +skill affixes are based on a particular skill and not skills in general you need to have several sets for each class given that you want to switch between different builds. This could easily put a strain on the inventory/stash. Two obvious solutions exist! Reexpand the stash or expand the character limit. I am most in favour of expanding the character limit.

    • This is true…. But doesn’t this also mean that players will have to work towards specific item sets for certain builds and stay with said item sets?
      Doesn’t this pretty much eliminate the “QQ everyone is the same as me QQ”?

  16. More news from Italy? IncGamers should put a permanent spy down there! Who knows what he/she might find out. 😉

  17. Expected, Bobby always wanted to monetize one of the most fundamental Diablo systems, the skills 🙂 These +skill items are going to require lots of luck and time to find, making their value spike in RMAH. Some people think RMAH are free markets (because Blizzard said that they won’t list items themselves), but remember that Blizzard sets the chance of finding every item. They can influence the RMAH prices by altering those odds in secret.

    If Blizzard really wants to make a lot of money, they should make Inferno really hard, so hard that you REQUIRE those expensive +skill items. Bobby is laughing at how well this played out. First they remove skill customization and now they add it again, but in a way more monetizable way and most people are so excited that they forget that they are going to dig deep in their pockets for this customization! Now you don’t need just 5 runes per character, now they are a very rare part of the very big pool of item mods. 

    • Blizzard only takes a percentage fee on commodities. Items you can equip has a flat fee, so it doesn’t matter(from Blizzards POV) how much an item sells for.

        • All magic or better high level items can salvage into “the best commodities”, that has nothing to do with the addition of these affixes.

          • Hmm, I looked it up and you are right, I am actually really surprised that they don’t have percentage fee!:)

            Well, either Bobby has turned away from Greed, or maybe you need lots of expensive commodities.

  18. We dont know if the rune levels 5-7 will be in the expansion, maybe they removed it just so they have something to put into the xp

  19. Hallelujah. 

    With this, items have a wider range of values/rarity now, the need to rebalance the game due to removing rune levels has been mitigated, and the items feel more ‘diablo-ish’ than they did before.

  20. These were already confirmed. Jay confirmed them back in his first write up (the one with the stat changes and everything.) Apparently I’m the only one who saw it.

    • “Simply including affixes that augment specific skills greatly expands the itemization pool and build possibilities.”

      Posted by Jay Wilson on 19.1.2012 

  21. Glad this is finally confirmed. Males a build commitment and adds to the item hunt in one fell swoop.

  22. Wait i’m confused. Does this mean that certain items we pick up will give like a 30% increase to the bash skill? Can someone explain.

    • “At the moment we can’t share more precise information with you”
      No, someone can’t explain.

    • Yes. Always abide by the diii.net Code Of Conduct:

       – Don’t be rude
       – Think before you flame
       – Be aware that an opinion that differs from yours is not wrong, just different
       – Remember that every nickname is a real person with real feelings

      That’s what we all do here… right?

  23. Awesome news! I had a feeling all along that this was gonna be the case. But! I’m glad to see it was confirmed here. 😀

  24. These are nice, but they still seem kind of “flat.” Damage, duration, etc. Math scalars, nothing that really changes the function of the skill. That’s what runes were supposed to do, but there are far too many boring runes. Damage, resources, duration. Those are something gear affixes are fine for, but runes should have been more than that.
    If I were King God Developer, I probably would have only three runes per skill, but make sure each rune was a real departure from the original skill. If you make the effect radically different, then you can probably still keep the un-runed variant as a viable skill. Look at Arcane Orb. Making it do more damage over a larger radius is nice, but it’s not really “interesting.” It’s something that could be done as a regular gear affix (and you can add more than one affix for some skills, adding even more gear options). A rune should be something special, a real wild card. Like Orbit or the piercing orb. There are a lot of examples of good runes, but there are more “boring” runes, runes that should have been consigned to the gear pool.
    They could have had both systems (rune items/ranks and skill affixes on gear), but they messed up some of the implementation (too many boring runes, too many boring rank effects). But I’ll never fault them for innovating. Runes are one of those things that every RPG game will have to have in some form or other going forward.

    • I actually doubt they will add +class skills to other classes sort of thing like we saw in D2.
      In fact, I remember hearing them say something at Blizzcon that they wanted to avoid that at all costs. It’s part of the reason why every class in the game has some sort of movement skill.
      Besides, that would be a balancing Nightmare.

  25. It tells you a lot about the Diablo 3 development if Blizzard announces not to remove a feature of the previous games and everyone thinks it’s great news.

  26. Good stuff, now there’s some build commitment atleast, if it isn’t easy to get +to the skills you want where you want it. Keep it coming Blizz, still got alot to do.

  27. This should be a fairly easy thing to set up, assuming they go the easy route at least.  Something like your example of +2 Frenzy would actually be fine.  Since skills scale to level, +2 Frenzy could simply mean your Frenzy is functioning as two levels higher than you, so if you were level 34 your Frenzy skill would act like your level was 36.  Of course this is the most simple way of doing it, I do hope they will do a bit more than just this. The numbers would also have to be higher for something like this, since two levels doesn’t make a huge difference, but finding an item with, for example, +5 to Frenzy could start to get noticeable.

    • Skills don’t scale with character level. Arcane orb has 250% damage on level 10 and on level 13 and most probably on lvl 60 also.

      • Was this something that was changed?  I suppose when they made it so all skills scale with weapon damage maybe?  I know most, if not all, skills used to scale with level.  Or maybe I am just losing my mind…

  28. Actually, there is a really easy solution to skill runes now.
    Make neutral rune type with affix +x lvl ( rune) that can be put to any skill and just ups levels of selected rune/skill combination, also with these system some extra affixes for the runes are possible.
    They can drop very early if they with affixes and +0lvl

  29. Flux, you wrote: “It also seems like a great news for the whole “creating an identity for each character” issue; freespecs are easily done, but if you’ve got some gear that boosts skills X and Y, you’re more likely to find ways to use those powered up skills in all situations, rather than switching to different skills for every new encounter.”

    I don’t get it, Flux. Are you really excited about cornering yourself into two skills to spam, because, hey, no one else is spamming those two skills like you? That’s the definition of “identity”?

    And are you really convinced that people aren’t going to find builds they prefer?

    And if some people enjoy switching between more than one build, why should that bother you so long as they don’t do it mid combat? It won’t mean your build is any less attuned to you. So what if someone can have the same build as you. Even if they can make it after a 12 second cooldown, they won’t play it as well as you, and even if they turn out to like your build, get good at it and maybe even improve upon it, mimicry is still the best form of flattery.

    If this is really an identity issue, I think the problem is the player, who is placing to much importance on a game, not the game itself.

    My concern is that +skill items have the potential of doing to D3 items what synergies did to D2 skill trees. I don’t want to be cornered into two spammers because they are the only skills powerful enough to deal with a game that has been re-balanced around +Skill items. I much prefer having to think how to manoeuvre with 6 skills.

    • I’m sure Blizzard’s intention is not to have such a situation occue Jedouard, however, it will all come down to balancing and inferno difficulties I suppose.

      Obviously a flat +weapon dmg system to base skill dmg would be far easier to balance, however, the result is a much simpler itemization pool, and, IMO, a much more boring set of items. I would rather they err on the side of cooler items than on the potential for players to find 2 spammable OP skills.

      Additionally, I would argue that no one is forcing people to use 2 OP stacked skills to play the game. You can still make it challenging and not max them. Part of the fun of Diablo is finding cool builds that you like.

      Case in point, even though Fishymancers could solo hell naked in D2 (albeit boringly), doesn’t mean everyone ended up having to use them. There were more item specific builds that were viable.

      Blizz has stated that they want to create as many viable builds as possible (while remaining challenging) for inferno, so hopefully they are able to balance things out. 

  30. Wow! Blizzard did something right… and if anyone has an issue with the game not being balanced who cares that’s what patches are for. I wouldn’t expect the game to be 100% balanced if they spent the next year on it.

  31. To be honest I never thought of blizzard removing +skill-modifiers. I don’t know why but that is a fundamental system that can’t be remved. That’s why I’m not that satisfied by the news. I would be satisfied if they add sth cool that has not been in d2…

  32. This is a most welcome change, I played beta for the first time yesterday (its actually very good and I went from “not buying on debut” to “instant buy”) and my 2 biggest problems were:
    1 Lack of commitment&permanence regarding builds and skill. Felt like anybody could take over my char and not complain about “choices” I’ve made (items seem a bit one dimensional, its too easy to figure out whats better).
    2 Repeating dungeon parts, It was my first walkthrough ever and still I felt its ridiculous how repetitive some parts are (deadend galley 1lvl below, “library” with 3 book shelves). After so many years I’d expect around 10 of those + mirrored variants (1 axis is possible for anything).

    With this news it seems like point 1 has been taken care of, hoping point 2 is just because of beta (ie we dont see most of the content). 

  33. Man this makes me excited, one of the more satisfying aspects of D2 was seeing how far up above slvl 20 you could bump your skills, when you reached like a slvl 36+ charged strike on your amazon with equally buffed synenergies and you could poke down high-hp monsters left and right it felt like an accomplishment and very powerful! 😀

  34. Blizzard has a weird definition of the word “choice”.
    Choosing ones semipermanent character stats and skill level isn’t real choice, it’s just an illusion of choice.
    Changing crappy undergarments of no skill to amazing undergarments of powerful whirlwind bought on the RMAH, now that is real choice, that is true character customization.
    What a load of crock.
    Captcha: love is blind,… and deaf and anosmic and ageusiatic.

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