News about changes to a couple of malfunctioning skills.

    Just wanted to know what is wrong with Vault? It seems to be laggy or just not to work at all and when it does work it causes this minor lag that skips several frames and make the all thing feel like you teleport around than actually vaulting.
    Nevalistis: There’s a couple of issues occurring with Vault that we’re planning on hotfixing soon:

  • Demon Hunters using the Danetta’s Spite set are able to use Vault with insufficient Hatred.
  • Demon Hunters cannot use Vault outside the cursor range of the skill.
  • Both of these issues are in the process of being hotfixed, and have been added to the hotfix list. The latter is certainly a bug and not an intended change!

    Any idea when the hotfix will go live?
    Nevalistis: The hotfix correcting the inability to use Vault within cursor range should now be live. However, the one related to Danetta’s Spite is still pending at this time.

    I’ve been playing mostly DH since D3v2 went live, and had not encountered this issue, despite using Vault constantly. I do get an issue with Vaulting when I’m playing on EU sometimes, due to latency. I’ll vault from A to B, and if I start firing other skills while I’m still in mid-vault, especially if I’m aiming back towards where I vaulted from, I’ll sometimes Vault back right to where I came from. As if I’d clicked the button to Vault again. This can be a problem if I’m fleeing the imminent detonation of Molten or Frozen, and it’s not my sausage fingers since I never have that problem playing on US where I’ve got negligible latency.

    In other skill changes, the Wizard’s Mirror Image got a sort of bug-fix/nerf.

    Why was Mirror Image / Hydra nerfed?

    Umm Blizzard, your recent patch broke this build. I’ve been hooked, having so much fun, and now you screw this build completely?

    Note, it wasn’t even overpowered. The premise of the build is this — that mirror images could each summon their own Hydra that deals 10% of the Hydra’s normal output. If you think about it, that only adds up to 140% of the Hydra’s normal output. Even with 5 Hydras (4 duplicates plus 1 original). I don’t know how insane you’d have to be to conclude that 140% of a normal Hydra is overpowered, considering how weak Hydra is, as a spell.

    EDIT: Apparently some people cannot read. This is NOT about the patch hotfix that made the cloned Hydras do the correct amount of damage. I support that change, whether it was a buff or nerf. What I don’t support is Mirror Images no longer summoning Hydra at all.
    Grimiku: We never intended for Mirror Image to cast more than one additional Hydra which is why it was changed. This isn’t necessarily due to the difference in damage, as much as it has to do with visual clutter. Mirror Image was spawning way too many things on the screen at once when combined with Hydra, and the rate that these hydras spawned in was pretty inconsistent. As far as damage goes, our intention was that hydras spawned by images do 10% damage, and that’s where they’re at now.

    I hadn’t tried that build out; anyone who was using it want to comment? Sounds like the bug was filling the entire screen with Mirror Image created Hydras, all of them doing tiny damage. Not surprising they’d fix it, given that for months and months Blizzard’s default “cool future legendary power” example was a wand that allowed two Hydras at once. That item exists, so of course they’re not going to let Mirror Image out double their “doubled it” legendary.

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