Blizzard has updated the official site with six new pieces of artwork, and we’ve added them to the gallery and tacked on our usual captions and useful category tags.
    [*]Screenshot #1: Environmental view of the Tristram dungeons, and that ladder the Barbarian did that cool hopping turn down in the WWI gameplay.
    [*]Screenshot #2: A shirtless, well-scarred male barbarian smashing some Wretched Dead zombies into tiny bits.
    [*]Concept Art #1: An ambiguous piece of art that appears to show an angel standing in the window of a tower? Looks somewhat dagger-like as well.
    [*]Concept Art #2: A gorgeous landscape painting of the twin-spired city we now know is called “Ureh.”
    [*]Concept Art #3: A sketch of some sort of ferocious, armored, lion-dog-beast thing. Nothing like this has yet been seen in a screenshot.
    [*]Wallpaper: A wallpaper version of the huge image of Ureh.

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