Site Upgrade Status

I wanted to give everyone a quick update on where we are with our upgrades. The new hardware was slightlt delayed but it will be arriving tomorrow and I’ll be starting work on setting things up. The transition should be relatively smooth with any luck and I will get everything operational as fast as possible. The new hardware will stop the annoying gateway timeout messages and slow-downs some of you have been getting and allow us to handle the influx of traffic we have received in the past week and also prevent any further issues arising. Gotta keep the Diablo goodness flowing and we can also get the full normal front page back online.

Thanks to everyone for your patience while we sort this out, and a special thanks to all the site supporters, who by supporting the site, have helped make the upgrade possible in a quick space of time.

I’ll post another update when we are closer to shifting things over. For now, over and out!

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    13 thoughts on “Site Upgrade Status

    1. Great stuff been going mental for me at the moment, glad to see the problem is being addressed.

    2. As a guy with radio communication skills whenever someone says “over and out” it makes me cringe. The pro-word “over” is used after a message and it implys you are waiting and expecting and answer. “Out” on the other hand means you are done with the conversation. So its like saying “Im ready for your next message, BYE!” Now I am not trying to dog you or call you out by any means, its a very common mistake and the Hollywood does it a whole lot. Which is where people see and pick it up from usally. Just thought I would say something 😛

      Also, good job on the quick site updates, really appreciate it! 🙂

    3. actually, these are good news, but i had a huge disappointment with the site. the RSS feed url was changed for a new one without any notification. that happens sometimes if you use a lot of rss feeds, but that happened around the beta announcement, so i was lost and had to find informations on other sites. that’s sad. i’m glad for this site, because of that, i never used an ad blocker plugin (even if there is a problem with some banners using the shockwave plugin in opera browser), but now i’m kinda dissappointed.

      • eddie, I appreciate the RSS feed went AWOL. That was my fault, we changed our back-end just before beta and I missed it off my check-list much to my annoyance. The new feed is on

        Sorry you missed out on the feed but it won’t be changing again. I’ll go slam my fingers in a door as punishment right now!

        • np Rushster, it was my fault too, i just left a hard week in work, there was no time to check the site. the change is acceptable, alhtough it seems to be a good idea to append manually an rss post to the old feed url to notify the users 🙂
          be careful with the punishment, as i think, we need your fingers in the future =D

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