I wanted to give everyone a quick update on where we are with our upgrades. The new hardware was slightlt delayed but it will be arriving tomorrow and I’ll be starting work on setting things up. The transition should be relatively smooth with any luck and I will get everything operational as fast as possible. The new hardware will stop the annoying gateway timeout messages and slow-downs some of you have been getting and allow us to handle the influx of traffic we have received in the past week and also prevent any further issues arising. Gotta keep the Diablo goodness flowing and we can also get the full normal front page back online.

    Thanks to everyone for your patience while we sort this out, and a special thanks to all the site supporters, who by supporting the site, have helped make the upgrade possible in a quick space of time.

    I’ll post another update when we are closer to shifting things over. For now, over and out!

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