Welcome everyone to the new look Diabloii.Net. We worked out that it’s been about 10 years since the site had a make-over, yes it’s been that long! Elly, Flux, Wuushu and myself have been working hard these past few weeks to bring everything up to speed on the site and you’ll notice a few changes.

    Diabloii.Net has had so much Diablo content over the years that it made sense to finally get all the content you guys are using into a Wiki. This means that the whole Diabloii.net community can now contribute to the site. You don’t need to re-register for the Wiki to utilise it, your forum account will work as your login to make things a lot easier. Note we are still adding a few things but feel free to start adding your own entries. The site can also be reached directly via Diablowiki.net.

    We have revitalised the gallery providing a place for the community to show off their shots. We are still digging around our old screenshot archive and will get some of those up online as there are some classic screens in there

    We have also added the news tagging system so logged in members can tag news stories they think are important to highlight them to the rest of the community. Simply go into the new story and click the ‘Tag’ number and you’ve tagged it. Note you need to be logged in to do this with your forum account which is used site-wide.

    New to the site is the Blog system. This is a place for the Diablo community to post their own blogs which may or may not be about Diablo, it’s up to you.

    There have been a few forum tweaks which we are still working on and will continue to do so over the coming days.

    That’s it for now and we hope you like the changes.


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