We have changed the way our site subscription (DIII.Net Site Pal) service works. The previous tariff, unchanged since its inception some 75 years ago, was quite convoluted with different groups of bronze, silver, gold, platinum (why keep it simple?”!) but now we have a single group. We have also added a 12 month subscription period to the 6, 3 and 1 month of the previous tariff and also the ability to have it automatically re-subscribe (or not) which some of you have requested in the past but I didn’t know it was capable with our system. You can read about the current benefits, to which we shall add, here.  All previous Site Pals will remain unchanged until their subscriptions run out.

    This is a perfect opportunity for us to thank the Site Pals for their support over the years which has and continues to help keep DIII.Net online.

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