Site Outage Update

As you all know it went a little nuts last night, much EXCITE. On top of the usual influx of traffic we think some bright spark decided to DDOS the site at the same time which brought everything to a stand-still for a few hours. After working through the night I have now got it all sorted and service will resume as normal while we finish off the work. Now on with the fun on UnicorNDA Day.

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9 thoughts on “Site Outage Update

  1. That’s too bad, I had to go to the other websites to get the information. I was eagerly waiting to read Flux’s article. Now it’s way too late, I’m going to bed.   :((

    • Don’t worry, the insights will be worth reading regardless 🙂 Nizaris also had his Q&A if you missed htelive chat which had amassive turn-out.

  2. Welcome back diablo.incgamers! 🙂
    Actually, when i wake up in this morning (12:29am for me now) this site already lies under maintenance and i cant read all leaked infos before NDA is over :/

    We need media press-kit in downloable version. Plz halp!

  3. I was only just able to get onto the site now after trying for several hours. Whats a DDOS? Could that have been a deliberate attempt by anyone so that other sites got traffic at all? or was it just bad luck.

  4. I’m sorry that happened to you, but I will tune in for all of your insight! … once I wake up in the a.m. Also, I’m sad that the RMAH is true, but I’m still trying to process it’s full effect.

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