Sign of Release – Be a Part of it!

sign of release - be a part of it

In celebration of the release we wanted to do something that would involve all fans as pleased as us at finally having their copy of Diablo 3. Fitting for the occasion we felt was a mosaic made up of images of yourself posing with your new prized possession – your box of Diablo 3 goodness.

We wanted an iconic image to mark the occasion and obviously Diablo’s head sprang to mind first but with so few colours it didn’t lend itself well to a mosaic, so we went for another super cool image. The imposing image of the Skeleton King. This is the image that all of our faces and copies of Diablo 3 will make up and we’re calling it Sign of Release!

So, to be a part of it you simply add your image to this thread in the forum or if you don’t have a forum account email it to [email protected]  None of the pictures are named so you’ll be completely anonymous, so email them in if you’d prefer.

So phones, digicams and webcams at the ready and strike a pose.  Look gleeful or deranged – the mood is up to you.

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10 thoughts on “Sign of Release – Be a Part of it!

  1. No real deadline.

    Once I have enough images to make it look good I will post it and I can update it if and when new images come in.

    Then you just have to hunt yourself down in the image. 🙂

  2. Hell yeah, CE arrived from Best Buy Canada today, activated, game is installing
    But I’ll let you guys do the honors of playing first, I’ll be online only tomorrow night!

  3. I got my CE yesterday afternoon, on the day of release, as promised by Amazon. Win.

  4. Emailed in.
    Had to wait for me CE…
    then had to wait for me to stop playing long enough to take photo and email it in.

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