A fan wants to know, “if we’ll get to fight DiabloWikiSiegebreaker.” DiabloWikiBashiok replies by completely hijacking the thread towards the DiabloWikiend game, before swinging it back on course at the last second.

    Hopefully D3 won’t be as easy to solo with practically any build like D2 was
    Bashiok: Did you make it to Hell difficulty? Diablo II wasn’t easy to solo with practically any build at later difficulties. In fact you could pretty easily build a character that was useless. That’s not fun.

    We’re not going to intentionally design it so that you must build your character a certain way to progress. Obviously with respecs there’s a lot more ability on the part of the player to try new things, or swap out skills, but that’s not something we’re relying on so we can be careless about mechanics like immunities.

    To stay on thread topic, yes the siegebreaker is still an enemy in the game.

    we need more info!!!

    Bashiok: Sooooooon my little ones… so very sooooooooon.

    To echo Bashiok’s point, D2 on Hell isn’t easy… if you’ve got a new character and aren’t twinked, loaded up with duped Runewords, rushed through it, etc. Make a brand new character, use only stuff you find yourself, and see how easy Nightmare is, much less Hell. Much less playing it solo on /players 4 or higher.

    Which is, of course, the tricky part about game design. A difficulty level that’s calibrated to be challenging for new players or self-found characters is woefully easy for uber characters. While the same game, turned up to challenge experts, is unplayable for newcomers.  Diablo 2’s difficult levels, which can only adjust by increasing monster hit points for more players in a game, don’t have enough moving parts to fit all character types. Whether the D3 devs can improve on that remains to be seen, but it’s one of the driving issues of DiabloWikiend game design.

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