Sideshow Diablo Statue Revealed

Blizzard finally revealed the Sideshow Collectable’s statue of Diablo at San Diego: Comic-Con 2012

Today at Comic-Con, we were excited to reveal the newest Sideshow Collectibles statue. A true embodiment of terror, Diablo stands as The Prime Evil in a scene reminiscent of the final moments of the game. Sculpted by Brian Fay (who also sculpted the Lich King statue), Diablo stands at a terrifying 22 inches of polystone.

Sideshow Collectibles is holding a giveaway at their site for the chance for one lucky winner to receive this Diablo statue. Be sure to enter before August 12!

Check out the preview images below, and keep an eye out for future updates on pre-ordering this amazing piece of work!


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  1. Feminine diablo….so un-appealing..He is male in gender as describe in the lore.. but I don’t understand why they took the route to make him a drag-queen.

  2. TERRROOAAAR! So not impressive at all.

  3. who also sculpted the Lich King statue
    wrong link -> Arthas

  4. So how much does it sell for?

  5. You too can own the one and only Queen of Blades

  6. It includes those horrible deflated floppy demon boobs, so I do not want it.

  7. I must agree. I wouldn’t even want to be caught dead with that statue. It’s repulsive.

  8. Why do I suddenly think of the Alien mother when I look at the sculpture?

  9. I couldn’t put that on my desk.

    “You will never sip that coffee! You may have sipped that coffee, but you’ll never dip that biscuit! You dipped that biscuit, but you’ll never pet that kitten!


  10. Diabloetta – Duchess of terror.

  11. I’d love to see a “pregnant” version of this.

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