A fan comes out against Rushing in Diablo 3 and gets a Blue rebuttal:

    DiabloWikiHellfire Ring + DiabloWikiLeoric’s Signet + DiabloWikiCain’s Honor Set + DiabloWikiRuby in The Helm + MP 10 + lvl 60 character

    Normal, NM, Hell goes by in one hour or less. I think it is broken. People shouldn’t get boosted. + in Loot 2.0 there will be like lvl 20 IK sets, but who would enjoy and who would by happy finding it? You cut half of fun letting people to get boosted.


    1. Make boosting not possible.

    2. Add some dropable items in Normal, NM, Hell which could be used for everyone and would have price. Some kind of currency. In other words, make normal, NM, hell worth playing without constant thoughts that normal, nm and hell is a time waste.

    3. Make the whole leveling through lower difficulties journey more logical. Cuz now, if you decide to go only on MP 10, self found, you have so much exp, that you overgrow the content early and literaly nothing can drop for you what u can use. That’s just silly.
    Takralus: Your definition of fun might not be the same as someone else’s. People enjoy playing in different ways. Some, like me, are content to pootle through the Acts on their way up to Inferno at their own speed, others (who maybe already have several level 60 characters) prefer to get to there as soon as possible by enlisting the help of a mate or two. Taking away that possibility would hurt those who prefer that play style, and prevent friends who have characters at different levels from playing together.

    Rushing is very easy to do in D3, whether solo or with the aid of friends. Though some changes have been made since launch to limit shared exp gain from repeating the same area, the developers clearly meant to allow rushing. (There are Blue quotes proving that on the DiabloWiki.net DiabloWikiRushing article.) The devs could have put Clvl reqs on gems, or made it impossible to join a game at a quest further than your character has progressed, or put bigger limits on shared exp or exp gain from monsters well above your Clvl, etc. They didn’t since they knew Rushing was popular with many players, in an (admirable?) display of letting players play the game as they wish.

    I generally twink and rush my characters, and have helped friends rush theirs (it requires some care to do it in Hardcore without killing off the little one), but I’m open to arguments that this is wrong or cheesy, even given my justified Fear of the Fifties. I like the OP’s idea that players could gain some sort of bonus or find valuable items in Normal/NM/Hell to encourage playing through, rather than just flashing to level 60 ASAP. (The high selling price of normal Mats in Hardcore does that a little bit, but only in relative terms, and currently there’s zero profit in playing through NM/Hell.)

    Any “encourage play through instead of Rush past” ideas like those offered by the OP? Do you yearn for rushing or DiabloWikitwinking limits if/when we get an DiabloWikiIronborn mode or DiabloWikiLadder resets? Or do you take the other extreme and demand an “instant level 60” button to put an end to the entire dreary pre-Inferno existence?

    What do you think about how Rushing works in Diablo 3?

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