Should Rares be End Game Viable in Diablo 3?

Should "which to pick up" be a real decision?

Should “which to pick up” be a real decision?

During Diablo 3’s development the designers spoke about wanting end game characters to wear a variety of qualities of gear, with legendary, crafted, and rare items roughly comparable as the best gear. That aspiration was realized upon release, at least in terms of legendary and rare items (crafted legs and rares were junk, until v1.07 and later patches) and while Rares declined in use as better and better legendary items were found, most players had some Rares (most commonly weapons and jewelry) mixed in with their Legendary items all through Diablo 3 vanilla.

That balance was mostly ended when Diablo 3 version 2 debuted shortly before Reaper of Souls was released, and RoS and the subsequent patches have continued the trend. At this point few characters (past level 70) are wearing any rares, and if they do have Yellows in some slots, it’s just until they find a decent Orange or Green item.

It’s an obvious choice in most cases: many legendary items have special DiabloWikiLegendary Affixes, some of them roll with 5 primary affixes, and even without those, all legs roll with at least DiabloWiki4/2, and they have potentially higher numbers to almost every affix. As a result, most characters in the Reaper of Souls DiabloWikiend game have legendary items in every slot, whether found or crafted.

That’s “most,” not “all,” as some iconoclasts discuss in this Still Using Rares? thread in our Diablo 3 community forum:

I played quite a few hours (Paragon 388) and have no seasonal character. One rare I am still using is on my WD, I probably could replace it with a legendary but this damn ring is pretty good. Mods are : 392 Intelligence, 6% IAS, 49% CHD, 5.5% CHC.

I also use rare jewelry long after I’ve replaced everything else with legendaries. Usually the progression goes like this for me:

  • All rares (normal-T1)
  • Some legendaries (T1-T2)
  • All legendaries (T3+)
  • –Tougeznut

    Other players pointed out the economic incentive to use Rares, especially after Patch 2.1 introduced Legendary Gems and made sockets in jewelry such a sought after feature. And an expensive one to obtain, as many a player has burned tens of millions gold and countless gems and Souls trying to get a socket in their ring, or worse, amulet… which is where Rares can come in, since the enchanting costs are a fraction of the gold cost of legendary items, with no gem or soul cost.

    That’s why some players are still using Rares… but what about the larger issue? Should Rares be viable, or at least more viable for the end game? Given the changes made to items in DiabloWikiD3v2 and DiabloWikiPatch 2.1, The D3 devs clearly intended Legendary items to be supreme. Which is fun when you’re first gearing up and almost every leg is an upgrade over the rares you have on… but once you’re well-geared, yellow items become trash, especially since the recent hotfix boosted the drop rate of Veiled Crystals so that it’s no longer necessary to pick up/salvage Rares for the material.

    Some players like it like that, but others wish that Rares still had a chance. That conscientious players who like to sift through everything could occasionally find a yellow item that was as good or better than most Legendaries. It wouldn’t be hard to create, either. Legendary items could remain the best in 99% of cases, but imagine if Rares could roll up to 5/2 or 5/1 for affixes, or maybe even flashback to D3v and fully-randomize Rares, with potentially 6 affixes and no hard cap on how many can be primary or secondary.

    This would be most impactful with jewelry, but armor could benefit as well. Imagine a legs or a chest piece with mainstat, vitality, armor, res all, sockets, and +skill damage? The numbers would all be smaller so even with a perfect roll most players would probably stick their six-piece class set… but not everyone is wearing a six-piece Set, and most players want more potential gear variety.

    Personally, I’m not sure I’d adapt to this. At this point I’m so accustomed to not picking up rares, and insta-salvaging the ones that do find their way into my inventory, that it would be a big change. But every time I gamble 20 or 25 shoulders or bracers or belts and get 15 or 20 rares… I wonder what it would be like to have a reason to eyeball them, and imagine what I’d do when that 1/10,000 rare rolled 5 or 6 ideal primary affixes.

    What do you guys think? Whether you favor boosting Rares by increasing their potential primary affixes or some other change… would you like to see Rares with some potential to be comparable to the best legendary items? Would it boost gear variety and play options? Or just annoy you by making you feel compelled to sort through the yellow junk heaps again? Should Rares be End Game Viable in Diablo 3?

    Should Rare items be End Game viable in Reaper of Souls?

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    1. One of my favorite milestones when leveling a new character is the point where I can stop looking at the stats on rares – forever. It's a quality of life improvement. If I had to scan every single yellow drop because it might be a special super-rare, I'd find that aggravating.

      • that would indeed be annoying but it doesn't have to work that way. there could be fewer rares dropping with higher chance of being good. I'd actually like magics to be relevant somehow as well (besides being mats for a useless crafting system).

        loot system is frankly still rather horrible in this game.

      • Not necessarily, they can introduce new prefix for all special rares, so they are insta recognizable or new color, beam, etc.

      • Do this and I will look at rares all the time: implement a chance to double the max roll value of one (only one) of the stats on a rare. So there would be a small chance that you'd see, for example, up to 14% CDR on a ring (if 7% is the current max – idk). Of course keep the odds of this happening at all very low (rare).

    2. What if "rares" themselves were a set? It would be hard to balance and I think the (large) bonuses they conveyed would need to vary by class and by slots included, but the idea would be to make players juggle which slots they get rares for and aim for perfect rolls and end up at roughly the same overall strength as if they used no rares.

    3. Rare are still useful on hardcore, especially the ones with lvl reduce.

    4. Hi,

      Like i’ve always said yo my mates, the thing is that since RoS came the difficulty to gear up has gone down more and more with the months…ending up to an state where you just farm with no funny goal at all..and even the top legendaries are really easy to find because the main problem is that they just have 4/2 affixes plus the possibility of enchanting makes the gearing extremely easy specially in item sets where once we have found one completted set that is very good (which is quite easy) the rest that drops we just think…well…one more green..whatever…(boring…) that way i think vanilla was much much muuuch better in terms of gearing..knowing that even getting a fantastic gear there was still a possibility during the farms to get an extra upgrade on yellows and that is the fun part of a diablo game..but now blizz have basically ruin it and honestly when i farm and see legs i just think: what to bother when i am already top? Am i forced to gear up another charr to feel the upgrades again? why do they have to force me for that? i just like the demonhunter…(and like me im 100% thinks many people).

      I just wanted to say this since i considdere its a very important subject in a game like diablo 3…we NEED CONSECUTIVE funny goals to keep playing for fun! So if buffing the yellows its gonna improve that system,,its greatly welcome!

      Cheers from Barcelona 🙂

    5. I think the only way that could possibly end would be with a small bit of excitement initially, but then the complaint would go back to 'rares are garbage' yet again. And the cycle would start again.

      If legendary items affixes were balanced to be a bit stronger (and I mean across the board here, not just ten or twelve being ridiculously powerful while the rest are junk), and if the stats that rolled on them were fixed (like x sword would roll with the same 6 stats every time, with only the actual numbers being different each time), and if legendary items could not have their stats re-rolled, then maybe there would be a chance. But all of those ifs would really have had to been in place since release, and there's just no way they would be able to do it now.

      It would be nice if any of the legendary/set items that you can craft were anywhere in range of the ones that drop though. I know that some of the set bonuses are useful for hardcore characters, but even then there comes a point where your 6 piece will trump them. I seem to remember them saying in development that crafting was going to matter in D3, but about an hour after reaching level 70 the only thing it matters for is disenchanting items to try to re-roll stats on your drops.

    6. I don't think they should change anything with rares…unless they did something completely crazy and let some of the Legendary item properties randomly appear on rares. Legendaries are always going to be the preferred quality of item level; rares are essentially placeholders until a decent legendary item is found. Granted, jewelry can be a bit more tricky to find a good Legendary, but just about everyone is going to want a Legendary over a rare. It's not always about stats but also the special properties – my HC Demon Hunter (Para 70ish) is still using a level 61 Countess Julia Cameo since the arcane immune is pretty helpful for survival.

      I see no point in expending any resource/development on improving/modifying rare items – it would be much better to buff/improve all the mediocre/bad Legendaries. =^-^=

    7. What I'd like to see is the one or other affix, where rares actually can drop with the highest values obtainable. I wouldn't like them to be generally equal to legs/sets, for a character built around that affix or perhaps even when its the characters only source turning into a BiS item, though.

    8. In a way I hated looking at all the dropped items from those endless meph runs back in d2 at a level that it felt almost like neurotic.

      Quality over quantity.

    9. Feels like more nostalgia than anything else relating to Diablo 2. Some of the affixes you got were just godly that no unique could match them. A bit late in the day for Diablo 3 to attempt it as it stands. If they take more interest in this it could be something for the expasnion, who knows.

    10. 2 Quality of life changes regarding this.:

      1. Give rares of dex/str/int different color borders. Still yellow items, but either an icon or border to signify the highest mainstat roll.

      2. Rares could be made about 20% better than they are now, they could beat out different set items and legendaries, and people would still not use them. The bonuses provided by sets and legendaries is much greater than the base bonuses to stats. Soooo, why not just make them roll higher, those who don’t have the legendaries will be geared better, and those who have the legendaries won’t care about rares still.

    11. Yes, because it would make the gearing more variable, since all rare items have random names. Nowadays, all you see is people wearing mempos and their class specific sets etc.. I would suggest that rares should have a small chance to roll any available legendary effect, that would make the loot game lot more interesting.

    12. The only buff I would give yellows would be to make them come guaranteed with 4-2 affixes, including crafting. I just don't think there's a need for not having 4-2 yellows any more. I like that legs are best and want it to remain that way.

    13. I had a rare amulet having rolled (no enchant):
      -98% CD
      -10% CC
      -15% arcane damage
      – int

      I kept it for a very long time and even put it back to replace some legendaries when I my blackthorne set stopped being complete or I switched back to an arcane build.

      I gave it away.

    14. Itemization as it stands now is very linear and boring, we all want the same handful of sets and legendaries with everything else just mats for re-rolling.

      Rares should be end-game viable, this has been brought up time and time again on the main forums. Instead the policy has been double down of very few choices.

      Having every backpack contain a possible endgame rare just makes for interesting item farming.

      I dont know how you could call the current "auto-salvage cuz its not one of a handful of items" regime interesting or compelling in any way.

      unless you are lazy and actually looking at items and making choices seems like too much work for you………….

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