A fan asked about being able to use the Banner to portal back to a location in the dungeon. Lylirra replied and pointed out some exploit issues with that, but brought good news of a related sort, for players who die frequently, or at least in bursts to individual nasty enemies.

    Please allow us to place our banners on the ground while clearing dungeons and if we die we can respawn at our banner’s location.

    I am so sick of getting killed toward the end of a dungeon and then getting respawned at the very beginning and having to run “forever” back to where I left off. There is already a timed respawn if we die a lot. We don’t need additional time put on based on how far we have progressed.

    This would be a pretty cool feature for those of us who want to use it. If you don’t use it, things can just work how they are now. I cant think of anything that this would interrupt.
    Lylirra: As some players have pointed out, allowing characters to revive at their banner’s location does create some complications and could lead to certain kinds of gameplay that we’d prefer to avoid in Diablo III (this is actually why we don’t allow players use Town Portals in the same way that you could in Diablo II). We definitely appreciate the feedback, though, and will continue to consider how we might be able to accommodate this suggestion — or at least something similar — in the future.

    That said, we completely agree that banners in their current form are pretty boring and we’d love to make them more useful. If you have other ideas for banner uses, please share them!

    (On a note that’s somewhat related to respawning, we also happen to agree that incremental resurrection timers are overkill — especially given the other penalties you incur when dying — and will be changing it so that players can always revive at the last checkpoint five seconds after death in an upcoming patch.)

    The OP didn’t mention it, but I’ve occasionally wished D3 had the Torchlight style “revive where you died for X gold penalty or revive at the start of the dungeon for Y gold penalty.” It’s just annoying when you run into a really nasty boss right near the end of a dungeon, and then you have to run two minutes from the last checkpoint to return to the scene of the crime.

    As for the promised fix… that’s cool. I guess. Of course I have *never* wiped repeatedly against the same boss, to the point that I got so pissed at the steadily-increasing resurrection time delays that I /ragequit and stabbed out the beady red eyes in my DiabloWikiBobby Kotick body pillow… but I hear that sort of thing happens to other people sometimes, and this should alleviate their anger.

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