Shocking Nudity in Diablo 3?

Shocking Nudity in Diablo 3?

Warning: Images in this post may be NSFW. All pics taken from the game or from official Blizzard artwork.

A fan posted an (apparently?) serious comment about the shocking nudity in Diablo 3, to which Lylirra returned an amusingly deadpan reply of disarming serenity.

Seriously, blizzard? Softcore p*rn in your game?

I suffer this state far too often.
I suffer this state far too often.
House of deep sorrow sidequest. Lady Victoria

Full frontal nudity with great accuracy. Can you warn people there’s p*rn in your game? That’s just wrong.
Lylirra: Apologies for any concern or confusion about the game’s visual content and rating, Reason. For reference, both Diablo III and Reaper of Souls are rated M for Mature (17+). Here’s the basic description from the official ESRB website:

Content is generally suitable for ages 17 and up. May contain intense violence, blood and gore, sexual content and/or strong language.

To learn more about ESRB ratings, visit:

I bet a lot of you share my “not sure if stupid or tolling…” reaction to the OP, but one thing I am sure of… he’s a ‘Murkan, as this is about the only modern Western nation where female toplessness remains a shocking anything, to anyone. I run our IncHC West clan on the US server and our (totally full, because 150 is way too low a cap) IncHC clan on EU, and just a few days ago I witnessed some clan chat were half a dozen of the guys were marveling that female boobs were considered nudity, and that any sort of erotic, consensual sex was shocking disallowed on US TV, while no amount of violence or gruesome rape/torture/etc was considered excessive. Their conversation had nothing to do with this “Succubus have boobs” blue post, and took place several days before it went live, but it certainly sums up the particularly American prudery that most people in YURP find so puzzling.

So what does Lady Victoria show? Conveniently, I’d actually taken screens of her battle (as I do with most Purples, for articles) just yesterday, and hadn’t noticed any nudity of note. Here’s a three shot sequence, and if you find any “softcore p*rn” there you’ve got a lot better imagination than I do.

That’s not to say that Succubi in Diablo 3 don’t show some toplessness. Here’s official render art of the Succubi from Diablo 3, and a screenshot with a clear view from Diablo 3 promotional materials. (I don’t think you ever get Succubi like that in the Keep levels in the live game, but they look the same when found later in Act 3 and Act 4.) Both shots are from early-2012, so this is obviously not something new in Reaper of Souls.


The fact that the Succubi are nude, and even arguably (sort of?) sexy is actually getting back to Diablo’s roots. The Succubi in Diablo 1 were basically pin up models, topless and dressed only in color-coordinated thigh-high boots, g-strings, and sexy (and entirely-ornamental) Victoria’s Secret style wings. Maybe they had monstrous faces, but who could tell with the 640×480 sprite graphics? What you could tell was their over all shape, and I know I’m not the only one who sometimes sort of enjoyed their fleeing AI, since it allowed (forced) my character to walk right behind them, keeping a close on on their every move.

Until I caught up when they ran into a wall and chopped them into bloody pieces. *cough*


Diablo II’s Succubi were a departure from the cheesecake style of Diablo I. Lean and angular and mutated and creepy, they were not naked and they were not sexy. Their wings had function as well, if only in a “now they can hover” sort of way, and they put them to use floating just out of reach. Amazing how much less fun that AI was when you didn’t get to watch their buns swaying during the chase? Plus two other female monster renders from D2, to round out the gallery:

Happily, Andariel and the Corrupted Rogues took up the “we have perky boobs” baton from Diablo 1’s succubi. At least that’s what it looks like in the renders and official artwork. In-game, though? You’d need to be that “Lady Victoria!!1!” guy from the Blue post to know or care if they were topless or not. I loved D1 and D2’s visual style and mood and tone and theme, but trying to pick out any specific detail from the pixels of the 2D sprite graphics was a fool’s errand.

An assertion I think is proven by that last render, of the desert Lacuni (called Saber Cats in D2). Yes, that’s official Diablo 2 artwork, a close up of the image produced by Bliz North artist Michael Dashow for an ancient (but awesome) magazine cover. Now be honest; how many of you guys who played hundreds (thousands?) of hours of Diablo 2 ever noticed that the Act 2 Kitty Legionnaires (as we called them back then) were topless? Much less than they had 4 boobs?

If Lady Victoria is the latest in this proud heritage of slightly-exploitative T&A in the Diablo series, I’m proud just to be a witness to it. If anything, there’s not enough nudity in the Diablo games. After all, 99% of the demons are completely nude all the time, and yet they’re about as anatomically correct as Ken dolls. How do they make more little demons and demonesses anyway? Now that would be some interesting content for a Behind the Scenes DVD, eh?

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26 thoughts on “Shocking Nudity in Diablo 3?

  1. Someone on the internet was looking for something to be offended about. It happens hundreds… nay, thousands of times per day. First world problems, and all that.

  2. As an American, I feel that I must say unto you: I’m sorry. I’m sorry you have to endure my country’s BS. Worse, as much as I’d like to say that this guy must have been a troll, I can’t even do that. All I can do is say sorry, and hope that the rest of America READS THE FRONT OF THE F***ING BOX!

    • “hope that the rest of America READS THE FRONT OF THE F***ING BOX!”

      What is this “reads” you’re talking about?

      • I’m talking about the ESRB rating, which clearly states ‘this game is rated M for Mature.’ I probably should have specified the back of the box, rather than the front, as while the front usually has a big ‘M’ stamp near the bottom stating the ESRB rating, the back of the box usually explains the rating, albeit in small, somewhat-fine print. I haven’t actually read the D3 box in a while, but I imagine that if I did, the ESRB rating explanation would include some variant of ‘strong sexual themes’ or ‘strong sexuality’ as one of the reasons why the game was rated M for Mature. Considering that the main post is asking the Blizzard CMs ‘can you warn people that there’s porn in your game,’ I’d say that a big black ‘M for Mature’ on the front of the box, with an explanation on the back clearly noting ‘strong sexual themes,’ just MIGHT count as a warning that there’s some sexually explicit stuff in the game.

        Also, though I personally have not had to deal with this, I have read a bunch of examples from the website Not Always Right of parents buying inappropriate, Mature-rated games (usually Grand Theft Auto) for their young children, mostly due to ignorance about the game’s content, coupled with the inability to read the front of the box and understand that when the box says ‘rated M for Mature,’ it really means ‘don’t buy this for your 8-year-old kid.’ This is exacerbated by the fact that in the stories on that site, the parents buying the game are either brought to their senses by store employees, who explain the nature of GTA games, or, worse, a few hours after the purchase, having given the game to their kid, only to watch the kid buy a prostitute, then kill her to get the money back. Because of that, while I’d like to say that the person here was probably trolling, I honestly have to consider the possibility that it really was a parent who bought the game for their kid without doing any research, or even reading the box for the ESRB rating/taking that rating into account. Frankly, I personally know people who have been in situations like the ones I mentioned, and it just annoys me that despite those people being smart, well-educated people, they were too lazy to read the box and see what age-group the game was meant for.

        In all honestly, the person reporting this was probably a troll. The whole post seems stupid, and calculated to piss people off, which definitely falls under the banner of trolling. On the other hand, 90% of the stories on Not Always Right (and other similar sites) that have to do with parents buying games or movies for their kids without checking the rating end with the parents angrily returning to the store to complain and get a refund. The conversation, with very few exceptions, usually sounds nearly exactly the same as the one in the original post. As a result, while I do suspect that it was just a troll, it saddens me that I can’t dismiss it as pure trolling, as I know of too many examples, some personal, of people (especially parents) acting EXACTLY like the original poster.

  3. Yeah, this country is mired in political correctness and intolerance for opinions that differ from what is supposed to be the “mainstream.” I, too, am sorry and embarrassed for our stupidity and political weakness.

    I also think this guy was looking for something to be “offended” about. I doubt he was offended. Just looking for something to post about, perhaps to get attention. But the reason why anyone would want that kind of attention escapes me.

  4. I must admit when I first saw her I paused the game. Downloaded Razer Gamebooster, zoomed in, and snapped some photos. BUT I did this because I thought she looked awesome, then I realized the nudity. The realization there was nudity came afterwards, I swear it! Reminds me of all the nudity, gore and torment I saw in PoE. So awful, ugly and beautiful all at the same time.

  5. What I find most fascinating is that it’s perfectly fine in the US to show a depiction of a woman exposing 95% of her breasts (and pretty much everything else), yet when the nipples show it’s an outrage. What’s so damn special or taboo about nipples in your country, I wonder? Men got them too you know 🙂

  6. QUOTE

    What I find most fascinating is that it's perfectly fine in the US to show a depiction of a woman exposing 95% of her breasts (and pretty much everything else), yet when the nipples show it's an outrage. What's so damn special or taboo about nipples in your country, I wonder? Men got them too you know :)

    I dunno. Some celebrity has a wardrobe malfunction and accidentally shows them? OMFG NATIONAL SCANDAL.

    Um, last I checked those things were used to feed infants. Having babies is a cause for outrage?

    …Well, if it’s these idiots having them I think it is actually. Forget what I just said.

  7. My god, you guys “apologizing” for America really need to get over yourselves. I mean really, “I’m sorry you have to endure my country’s BS.” What kind of hardships do these views cause people of other nations? Seems narcissistic. America is a HUGE fucking country with millions of people sharing an extremely diverse culture. Do like the rest of us and surround yourself with like-minded people and enjoy life.

    Opinion: America seems more overly cautious and politically-correct because those with conservative views are the ones outraged and have stuff to say and complain about. The millions who don’t give a shit simply keep their mouths shut because, well.. they don’t give a shit.

  8. I want to use this opportunity to share my great satisfaction that I noticed exactly that in my recent session – to my great surprise I noticed a relatively “normal” bodies of succubi and their boobs (which was not the case in D3 vanilla). I stopped for a second and enjoyed that observation. Succubi in D1 were one of those monsters that became o point of referrence for me in video games – their animation, behavior and sounds, especially the sound of ripping them apart were suggestive and spot on. So, whoever complains about this in D3, I got a George Carlin suggestion for them: Hey, you, f*** you!

  9. If anything succubi in D3 are too flat for my taste 😉 Give me back the lovely double D’s 😀

  10. What I’m truly mad about is the lack of gender equality in displays of nudity. I DEMAND SOME DEMON DONG!!!

  11. It’s easier to hide a vagina behind a slip than a dong. Also, the removal of nipples behind bras is already amusing, but doing that on pictures of bare-breasted men is absurd.

    D2 has a few BDSM elements as well, like Andariel wearing nothing but a bikini slip and a nipple clamp-chain thing or nude women bound onto wooden beams (act 3 catacombs IIRC), with what seems to be… OMG OMG… PUBIC HAIR *passes out*

    Never google for pictures from Boris Vallejo or HR Giger!

  12. After transmogrifying my Wizard’s pants, she ended up looking so nude I could almost see her vay. D:

  13. ATTACH=CONFIG]5491[/ATTACH]which is really obvious although I have to admit I haven’t really noticed her except now although this picture with many others of unique mobs
    so the OP notice Lady Victoria’s nudity ( which I still can’t see) & didn’t notice Adria or the sibilant (the succubi you face during Eirena’s quest) or sister Lysa


    which is really obvious although I have to admit I haven’t really noticed her except now although this picture with many others of unique mobs were on my computer since beta & I planned to upload them to wiki but forgot

  14. I don’t think this is a problem, I’ve seen those TV shows where a woman comes on and says that video games are too violent blah blah blah yet doesn’t complain about the TV series or films out there. Makes me laugh really.

    I thought the rogues in D2 were good and I think such monsters and demons are perfectly suitable for the Diablo 3 and Reaper of Souls, it’s not as if every monster in the game has nudity.

    The odd in-game tit here or there isn’t going to hurt anyone except those who shouldn’t be playing the Diablo series in the first place.

  15. Yeah, well, bliz take this seriously.

    This is why they removed the hidden quest with Lea and the Captain Crimson’s Codpiece. They even change the pant’s name…

    Unless i’m too stoned, formerly captain Crimson’s Codpiece is now known as Captain Crimson’s Bowsprit. Too bad…

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