Shiny New Monk & Barbarian Concept Arts

Blizzard uploaded a bunch of pieces of Diablo 3 concept art to their Diablo FaceBook page, and included amongst them, intentionally or otherwise, is one sparkling new piece of Monk artwork. Shiny! The two pieces of Barbarian artwork you see here are also new, though I had to go carefully through the numerous other armor posed male Barbarian images to ascertain that for myself.


In addition to this piece, there are a fair number of other pieces never before seen on the Blizzard site, especially in the Environmental Artwork category. Sadly, none of them are new here, since all of them (and many more Blizzard has never posted anywhere online) were displayed at the Blizzard Art Museum at the last two BlizzCons, where I took photos of them all and posted them to our gallery in the days after the shows.

If you missed those updates last year in the year before, you’ll want to check out the full gallery; hope you like concept art of desert towns/rocks/valleys/wagons/gourd things/structures/objects/lanterns, etc, since those were prominently featured at last year’s show.

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4 thoughts on “Shiny New Monk & Barbarian Concept Arts

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