The newly-added, EXP-boosting, yellow water of Pools of Reflection are tasty and beneficial, but there are some issues with them in multiplayer games, since all players need to be very close to them to get the effect when someone hits it.

    After the splitfarm stupidity now the new trend of some ego-antiteam-players is to rush the maps like mad, ignoring all enemys just to touch the yellow wells IGNORING the rest of the team! Even if the team stay together the range to get the effect is by far to small! It’s anough to be half a screen away to not get the bonus … which sucks!
    Grimiku: We’ve been noticing the same thing whenever we play in the office, and we’re looking to increase the range that party members receive the Pool of Reflection bonus (currently, we’re thinking that we’ll have them mirror the same radius that shrines use). We’re also planning to update the mini-map icon so that you can tell when a Pool of Reflection well is depleted. We don’t have a time frame for this change at the moment and the exact details are still subject to iteration, but we’ll be sure to keep the community updated.

    pool-of-reflection1I don’t doubt that some people in public games are rushing through to find the Pools first, but I’m not sure why. I mean yes, anything to be a dick is the first law of anonymous Internet gaming, but it’s not you get +10m exp for clicking a Pool. They grant your character a limited amount of 25% increase to exp earned, which is nice, but it doesn’t do anything if you don’t earn experience. If you spent 33% of your time running through areas just to find Pools of Reflection that give you a 25% boost to exp gain… you’re actually losing on the exchange.

    A larger radius of effect would be helpful, and if people are fighting over these now with them just on the Beta/PTR, you can imagine the snaking that would go on once RoS is live and exp gain actually matters. In general terms, this is a good reason to play with friends or guildies. I’ve seen a bunch of PoRs in games with others in our INC guild and everyone’s been pretty cool about waiting to let everyone gather around the campfire before clicking.

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