Ready to dual-wield amulets.

    Ready to dual-wield amulets.

    One little-noticed change in yesterday’s Patch Notes concerned the Keys required to create the Infernal Machine. Now players will be Sharing Keys for an DiabloWikiInfernal Machine Party:

    Would someone please explain to me what this means from the patch notes?

  • “Key of Bones, Key of Gluttony, and Key of War are now group drops.”

  • Tyvalir: It means that if a key drops while in a group, then the key drops for everyone in the group. The intent is that it will now be much easier for everyone to be on the same page when farming Infernal Machines.

    Why was Key of Evil excluded? Or was it already group loot?
    Tyvalir: Great question! I just posted about this in a separate thread (but wanted to share the information with folks here, too):

    The Key of Evil was already a group drop, and this change just brings the other key drops in line with that one. I understand the confusion, though, as it’s been a while since the change to Key of Evil, and most people will have forgotten about it at this point.

    That seems logical enough, since key drops are determined entirely by difficulty level, and obviously everyone in the same game is on the same diff level. The only drawback is if one of the guys in your party is that one unlucky person we all know. In that case you will find fewer keys than you should, though at least when you don’t get one you’ll have someone to blame.

    As for the keys… party farming time? It’s definitely faster to find the Keywardens if you spread out a bit, especially in Act 1 and Act 2, though you have to let everyone get back together near the KW before it dies, for everyone to have a chance at to get a key. Or is that still true? If the drop is a group drop, why not have the KW cough up 4 keys if there are four players in the game, whether they’re there when it dies or not? I guess since that would be too rewarding for players who didn’t work as a group…

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