@Diablo tweeted some news that most fans will probably approve of. Shared stashes, confirmed as a planned feature by Jay Wilson at last year’s Blizzcon, are now in the game and working as designed.

    Shared stashes are in and working.—Diablo

    I’m now picturing Barbarians chained together by one big mustache.—BreeThePhoenix

    Retweet for truth—Diablo

    Fans have long requested a shared stash, and while the developers were committed to some some sort of easy way to exchange items between characters on the same account, they were kicking around a variety of ideas. Jay Wilson confirmed they were going with a shared stash at last year’s Blizzcon, and now it seems to have come to fruition.

    We’ve got no details yet, so speculate away. Is the shared stash a huge storage area accessible to all chars on your account, or is it just large enough to hold a few items, which you’d then switch to a different character or a mule for long term storage? More generally, does anyone not like this feature? Is there any downside to a big damn shared stash, other than maybe encouraging hoarders to spend more time engaged in inventory management than in actually playing the game?

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