Shard of Hate Bugs HotFix Coming Soon

Shard of Hate Bugs HotFix Coming Soon

If you’ve been using a Shard of Hate recently you’ll have probably noticed that it’s fairly overpowered, with a startling proc rate.  Unfortunately, you’re not simply an extremely lucky so and so, it’s been discovered you’re using a bugged item.  Blizzard are due to remedy the bugs causing this in the next hotfix due to go live in the near future.  The nature of the bugs is detailed in the following update.

shard of hate bugWe’ve been closely observing our internal reports as well as player feedback on the Shard of Hate and the general consensus is that this item feels wildly out of line compared to other items. After digging in behind the scenes, we discovered a couple of bugs with this item that we believe is the ultimate culprit.

First, the internal cooldown of this item’s power was being reset each time a dual-wielding character attacked with a weapon in their other hand. This meant the effect was occurring twice as often for dual-wielding characters, and with particular skills such as Whirlwind or Tempest Rush that also carry attack speed multipliers, this effect was even more frequent.

Secondly, the proc rate of the item was ignoring the proc scalar of the skill it was used with, which in simple terms caused Shard of Hate’s affix to apply every time a skill was used. Combined with the above issue, this resulted in this Legendary vastly over performing, and even more so with particular builds.

The hotfixes we’re applying correct both of these unintended behaviors and have been added to our 2.0.4 Hotfixes thread. As with all major changes, we hope to provide insight as to why we felt these changes were necessary as well as give context to the decisions we ultimately make.

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41 thoughts on “Shard of Hate Bugs HotFix Coming Soon

  1. Well I regret spending time farming on my barbarian. No reason to play the class without stupidly overpowered weapons.

  2. More nerfs continue to fly in and they claim they are ”bugs” what is with the need to nerf all these items in a single player game?

    • So, what, you think that entire explanation was made up? They should like legit bugs to me.

      • If it was a legit bug why wasn’t it fixed… I dunno, when it was first made? While the game was (officially) in beta?

        What actually happened is:

        Lots of people whine.
        Blizzard listens to “community feedback” from jelly haters that are just salty they don’t have this build changing legendary themselves.
        Everyone is unhappy.

        I don’t have a Shard of Hate. Knowing one of the drives to keep playing… isn’t, makes me want to go back on Bravely Default/DS 2/etc.

        • “If it was a legit bug why wasn’t it fixed… I dunno, when it was first made? While the game was (officially) in beta?”

          Because Shard of Hate wasn’t in the beta?

          How can anyone state that this isn’t a bug fix is beyond me. I mean do people honestly think that one item proccing a bazillion times more than anything else was intended? Get real.

          • Was the only weapon that felt legendary on barb. It’s Dmg was already barely enough on T4. T5 and T6 it’s nowhere near enough at all.

            So what i want to know from blizz is; what sort of crazy non-existent items do i need in order to do t6 on hc barb with withrlwind?

            Half of the runes are crap. Half of the skills are crap. 90% legendaries are crap – just better a bit than rares.

            That’s sad 🙁

          • Items featuring more defensive than offensive stats (, whereas I’m taking cooldown and resource reduction into the defensive category, as they keep you going), to take less damage than you can soak back or regenerate. The design right now is the higher the difficulty, the longer the fight. And if someone wants to one hit trashmobs, dispatching boss mobs easily and fast, thus running down Bounties/Rifts as fast as one can, then the higher torment difficulties are simply not what he should aim for. Though if he’s well equipped, playing slower on a higher diffculty will raise one his Paragon level faster. (At least if Blizzard got the balance somewhat decent, which I honestly can’t say yet and am to lazy to calculate though ^^)

          • @Silverfang

            My barb. With unity on follower and his leg I could do T4 HC. It was still risky as monsters (someelites really) still hit hard and DMG is slower. Not exepcting things to die fast.

            WW is simply not up to torment with its current balancing. SOH was the only saving grace of WW. WW itself does too little dmg within too small area for it to matter. Can’t just spam stuff like wizards.

            Guess I need to make Firebarb with Seismic Slam, Cindercoat, Fury of the Vanished Peak,+ fire dmg and spam 700%+ attacks. Seems that’s all blizzard wants us to do.

    • A bug isn’t intentional and that is why they fix it. It isn’t meant to work that way or be that powerful and the bug makes it unbalanced. It is right that Blizzard fix it.

  3. Considering this is the 10th overpowered ”bug being fixed” Yeah..I’d say that they are just using excuses to nerf something, It would not be so bad if we had trading like the d2 style, But they don’t want people making profit off their items unless they themselves are making it hence the shut down of the RMAH.

  4. how is anyone going to be able to solo farm T6 when powerful items/legendarys are forever being nerfed? Its ok that WD pets hit for billions of dmg but God forbid a barbarian to actually be able to kill something without ranged dps? Yay for another hit on the already underpowered Barbarian….. Good going all you crying, QQ babys who don’t farm enough to find a SOH of your own. Fail

    • Um, someone already is. Without Shard of Hate.

      It’s that damn Alkaizer again! And to add insult to injury, he’s using a 2handed weapon. It’s amazing what you can accomplish when you’re not whining on the forums.

  5. No, this bug is legit and they explained it well. The SOH doesn’t behave like the Wizardspike, either Hellfire ring, or Thunderfury, and it should. The SOH procs too much.

    There have been a lot of bugfixes to the most popular items and skills, but that’s because the squeaky wheel gets the grease. Most of these nerffixes don’t change gear tiers anyway. For example, Frozen Orb had a recent nerffix to its radius and chill duration. But I didn’t even notice even though its my main spender. The SOH will remain top tier because it rolls 4 primaries next to that sweet (still sweet) secondary.

  6. While I guess this particular issue is a legit bug, Blizzard’s explanation for *nearly* everything with Diablo (at least recently) is that it is a “bug”. Which makes it sound like they try to absolve themselves from any sort of responsibility or accountability. That way, if anyone (see the official forums) comes back to complain, Blizzard can throw up their hands and say “it was a bug, it wasn’t ever intended to be that way!” Let’s be honest — their definition of a bug can be really, really generic sometimes.

    But back to reality — there’s not really much of a difference what Blizzard calls it — a bug, a glitch, a design flaw, etc. — if in the end it is getting fixed/changed. It’s just PR semantics at that point.

    • “While I guess this particular issue is a legit bug, Blizzard’s explanation for *nearly* everything with Diablo (at least recently) is that it is a “bug”. Which makes it sound like they try to absolve themselves from any sort of responsibility or accountability.”

      Well, bearing in mind that it’s Blizzard’s code, surely acknowledging it as bug is an admission of “guilt”? Do many people expect Blizzard (or any company) to get their code/balance perfect (or even particularly good) first time?

  7. Presumably, the Diablo 3 team has folks that test legendary items to evaluate whether their power is appropriate. Based on that, I’d imagine they assign some rarity to the item to reflect its power. In the case of the Shard of Hate, I would have hoped that being THE community-designed legendary they would have decided to give it a power level appropriate as an “end-game” weapon.

    Blizzard’s explanations for the Shard of Hate “vastly over performing” sound like legitimate bugs. Particularly with dual-wielding classes essentially being able to more than double its effectiveness compared to non dual-wielding classes via bypassing the item’s internal cooldown. The funny thing is, from the sound of it the Shard of Hate’s “broken” state sure feels legendary. And, it seems to reflect what Jay Wilson said in the very first gameplay video for Diablo 3 regarding their character design philosophy, “There’s no such thing as too much power.” You may argue that may not be what their item design philosophy is, but considering that the vast majority of a character’s power comes from items, it seems a reasonable extension.

    Now, we won’t know exactly how much they’ll tone the power of the Shard of Hate down until the hotfix goes live. However, considering what they’ve done with particular items in the past (Moonlight Ward), I foresee a dramatic drop in the effective power of this item. The “fixing” of this single item alone isn’t what is a bit disheartening to me, though. It just seems that the D3 team tends to shy away from items that *really* feel powerful (with some exceptions, but they may revisit those based on community “feedback”). But, isn’t that what the item hunt is about? Finding that super special item that catapults your character’s power? And for extremely rare weapons, in terms of gameplay shouldn’t they lean towards having the effect of pushing you up a few torment levels?

    Granted, an item that gives you an “I win everything” button seems like it would curb the fun. The Shard of Hate – at least on a wizard – doesn’t currently feel like that. Perhaps its interaction with dual-wield is, but I haven’t tested that out. Even so, there is this exaggerated notion that the weapon alone allows you to faceroll T4-T6 (or whatever you consider end-game), which simply isn’t true – not without other gear to support your character.

  8. Yes it is bugged if it is ignoring proc coefficients and resetting when dual wielding! So they are going to fix it and not nerf it. Perhaps that will make some classes less powerful / under powered which they will have to look at next.

  9. Rather every other weapon is ‘bugged’ and the SoH works as intended… :p (Granted that I haven’t got RoS, so I’m not sure how powerful it truly is. But if it’s less than Grief in D2, then it’s fine imo. Every char and build should feel op in a different way, ideally.)

  10. WTF.

    DMG with SOH even with WW build was NOT ENOUGH for T5-6 HC. How the hell is barb supposed to do anything higher now? T4 was already OK with the proc. Now it will be undoable due to lack of dmg.

    Definitely NOT liking the change

  11. Never found one, but it would have been nice to feel some of that power again…even if for a short time.

  12. just found one yesterday on my monk.

    pretty good roll too.

    Now, my monk was a support character for my friends in softcore. i was barelly doing any damage, just there to dash and cyclone for the wizzards in the party.

    as soon as i equipped SOH i was facerolling EVERYTHING up to torment 3.

    Mind you, we started at torment 1, and before SOH i could barelly kill anything.

  13. To be honest, I can’t believe that anyone believes this to be an actual nerf, rather than a bug-fix as stated. The item description itself says ‘Elemental skills have a CHANCE to trigger a powerful attack.’ If the item is proccing on every hit, then clearly something has gone wrong. If it was written as a chance to proc, it was certainly not intentional for it to proc on every hit. This goes double for the fix for dual-wielding builds, as no other weapon in the game intentionally works that way with dual-wielding, and it would be really convoluted and unintuitive for just this weapon to specifically be super broken with dual-wield builds.

    That said, I don’t know if I’m completely on board with downgrading it, even if the downgrade is a bug-fix. This was the community-created legendary, and it should be powerful and desirable. In the end, I have never gotten one, and haven’t seen it used before, so I really can’t say. While I think it should be powerful and desirable, from what I heard about it it did seem legitimately overpowered, and it did need to be changed somehow. That said, if they can keep its effectiveness at or slightly above that of Thunderfury (another powerful, desirable legendary), then I don’t think there would be a problem.

    On a slight off-topic, I think that Blizzard should look into adding some powerful, special abilities to 1-handed weapons other than swords. There are lots of really powerful 1-handed swords (Thunderfury, Shard of Hate, Azurewrath, etc.), while the other weapon types are less well represented. Specifically, I think that class weapons and spears need a lot more love. In terms of class weapons, while the special weapons that exist now are very good, many have nothing special about them. Nearly half the wands have no special abilities, and a decent number of sacrificial daggers and 1-handed crossbows are similarly mundane. Spears, meanwhile, are completely useless, with most of them having guaranteed bad rolls; this is made worse by the fact that there are only 4 legendary spears. The only half-decent legendary spear is the 300th Spear, and that is only good for a Barbarian. So, spears definitely need more love too.

  14. Taking your bets now… items like this get retroactively nerfed, but if they ever fix the %damage weapon bug, old bugged items won’t get retroactively fixed.

    • It’s debatable where %damage was really a bug, even though they called it one. They didn’t change it because of all the real money spent on items with it. Even though they are completely in the right to change items that people spend money on, because blizzard owns the items regardless, it would make people very upset. The bug fixes for shard of hate are different. They aren’t changing how the item works, but rather fixing it so code isn’t bypassed. Chance to proc being 100% is a bug, and once fixed the item should still perform as a top-tier weapon without favoring skills like whirlwind that have low proc coefficients (which were being ignored). Dual wield bug was bypassing the internal cooldown, leading to barbs and monks having additional power with this item, but for other classes it is unchanged. This is of course going to nerf the item, but the item was 100% unarguably best in slot by a wide margin, and this nerf will not make it a bad item. Since nobody bought the item, they don’t have to worry about anyone being too angry.

  15. QUOTE

    Taking your bets now... items like this get retroactively nerfed, but if they ever fix the %damage weapon bug, old bugged items won't get retroactively fixed.

    Hmm, I can’t see how that wouldn’t affect both new and old (remember the first attack speed nerf?). I still wouldn’t put any real money on it. It is just sad that this stupid calculation method IS STILL IN THE GAME. It has been how many years? How many patches?

  16. bummer, i just got mine.

    i kinda knew it was coming as soon as i realized the ‘chance’ to proc is actually 100%.

  17. This a weapon this overpowered would be acceptable, if it’s odds of dropping were equivalent to a Zod rune. And it only dropped in rifts higher than tier 25. And only on Tuesdays. Okay, Fridays too.

    • Out of curiosity. What does it matter to you if someone has it and it’s strong?

      It’s not like it breaks your game in any way.

      • You obviously haven’t given this issue much thought if you think it all comes down to player jealousy. Come back when you have a better understanding of why changes like this need to occur.

        • You obviously didn’t read what I wrote if you mention jealousy.

          Get back to me once you read my question and respond accordingly.

      • Actually it does, because (A) difficulty has to be re-balanced to account for so many of these things floating around, and (B) the item becomes mandatory. Given enough time, most players will get one, come hell or high water, unless the drop rate is extremely rare.

  18. This is the exact same kind of issue as with the bug where Empowered shrines would last an hour instead of 10 minutes with Gloves of Whorship. Did anybody really think that shouldn’t have been fixed? Probably. But it’s clearly a bug. GoW were in the beta as well. Sometimes bug make it out of the beta. Impossible to believe, I know, but it’s true.

  19. QUOTE

    You obviously haven't given this issue much thought if you think it all comes down to player jealousy. Come back when you have a better understanding of why changes like this need to occur.

    How long has SoH existed vs how long have people cried about it?

    How long did A1 townkilling exist (the entire time) vs how long people cried about it? Answer: It was left alone for over a year, then fixed in days when people cried.

    Even the worst bugs like “oh hai, you joined a game and die instantly” aren’t fixed unless salty tears flow.

  20. I’ve noticed on battlenet that a lot of users talk about playing much higher difficulties than I do, while having the same paper DPS. The other day I started a thread asking what’s going on, besides +elemental damage, which didn’t seem to tell the whole story (it’s part of it though, for sure). I got a mix of people saying either bugged items, and others politely explaining that I don’t know what I’m doing (aka l2p, said with more tact) and to view their gear profiles and take notes. Um, yeah, those guys had a SoH in one hand and a thunderfury in the other.

  21. Let me preface this with I do not have a barb and I don’t have a SoH.

    Now, I think this nerf (as all nerfs thus far) sucks. SoH was probably the only truly legendary item in this game.

    Pre RoS we were promised items like this. We were promised copious legendaries. We were LIED to.

    The worst part about Diablo 3 is that it could be a fun game, despite its deep, deep flaws, if Blizzard would just leave it alone. Instead, they tinker with everything and keep fucking jerking us all along moving the carrot and lowering rates and stealth nerfing everything. Low drop rates and SHITTY ITEMS are NOT GOING TO MAKE PEOPLE STAY PLAYING THIS GAME. It’s the worst fucking argument I ever heard. Are you all retarded?

    Everyone who defends this nerf is a fucking fool and can suck a dick.

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