As the regular listeners to DiabloWikiThe Diablo Podcast have no doubt noticed (for better or worse), I enjoy verbal joking and wordplay. It’s a writer thing. I can’t help mixing in puns and spoonerisms and portmanteau, if only for my own enjoyment. Thus, last week when I thought of a few amusing double entendres using Diablo III terms, I had to share them, and what better place than in the never-ending OT thread in our Diablo III Community forum?

    The topic stirred interest in a number of the other posters, and in no time quite a few additional examples had been offered up. It’s SFW, and you guys are welcome to offer your own in comments. A few samples; click through for the full list. Thanks to Kestegs, MrFrye, Neinball, Dacar92, and a few others for most of the suggestions.

    • “My favorite Demon Hunter skill is Impale.”
    • “My Sweeping Wind will be like a Breath of Heaven and give you Serenity.”
    • “Is that a credit card in your pocket, or are you just happy to see me?”
    • “My monk unleashed a crippling wave with his staff.”
    • “Awesome! Female barbarians are only $10 in the auction house!”

    • “I want to socket her with my alabaster runestone.”
    • “My Barbarian wants to combo his Ancient Spear with your Wizard’s Ice Armor.”
    • “My pound of flesh helps me stay lively”
    • “Blizzard drops Single Player from D3, Vaseline stock plummets”
    • “I can use my Magic Missle to set off an Explosive Blast and Firebomb my Familiars.”
    • “Ever since I socketed her with my rune last night it burns when I use my ancient spear.”
    • That’s because it’s Ancient. You need to Ignore Pain and use a Mantra of Healing on it.
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    If you want more laughs, you should check the Diablo III humor gallery.

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