Set Item Visual Improvements and Adventure Forever Mode

A fan takes the DiabloWikiAdventure Mode scaling monster thing to its logical extreme and gets a Blue reply of grudging and temporary agreement.

Say I am around level 15-18 and just completed act 1 and from my understanding at this point “Adventure” mode for act 1 would then be unlocked. Would I be able to do bounties in adventure mode for act 1 with monsters scaled to my level then? So hypothetically I could level from 15-18 to 70 doing bounties in act 1 adventure mode since the monsters will always scale with your characters level? I hope that makes sense.
Grimiku: Adventure Mode is still being developed, so please keep it in mind that this could quickly change. Let’s use the example you gave where a character plays through Act I, and unlocks Adventure Mode for that Act. To answer your question, yes, that character could level all the way to 70 by repeatedly playing Act I Adventure Mode, since the monsters would level up with you. I want to reiterate the fact that this is still being developed, though, so stay tuned for more information along the way.

Some readers in the 100+ comments for the new difficulty info post were asking if you could just start at level 1 and go kill Diablo in DiabloWikiAdventure Mode. No, for this reason; you have to finish an act in Campaign Mode before you can do it in AM. That just leaves open the question of rushing and cheesing, though. What if you get rushed all the way through Act 5 and you’re still say, level 11. Could you then do AM in all five acts? Presumably yes, but would the enemies all scale to your level? Or is there some minimum level they won’t scale below? Also, related topic: how does scaling handle in a multiplayer game? Based on the level of the character who creates the game, even if others join who are much lower or much higher level?

Elsewhere, a fan asked if the green backgrounds behind set items in inventory are a for real improvement in RoS, and if set items when dropped will show a green beam of light. Yes and yes, says Grimiku:

Green background colours sooth the eye.
Green background colours sooth the eye.
If you hover over set items in the game now, the colour of the title font is green, but the background colour remains orange like with normal legendary items. Will the background colour of the inventory art image on all set items be green? And will their beam on the ground be green? I really hope so because that would be so awesome.
Grimiku: I just wanted to confirm that dropped Set items now have a green beam instead of an orange one. I was lucky enough to actually see it before I heard that the change had been made, and it was a nice surprise.

I can’t confirm this from Blizzcon demo since while I saw many dozens of legendaries drop, they were all legs and not sets. This is because the demo characters were only level 33, and furthermore, because Legs/Sets in RoS do not drop with their level scaled down to a character. Only scaled up. So at level 33 killing a level 33 monster you are eligible to find any level 1-32 legendary items with their stats scaled up to 33, but you will never find any level 34-70 legendary items scaled down to 33. And there aren’t any findable set items with levels below 60. (They could in theory add new lower level set items like they did with legendary items, but I haven’t seen any in datamining yet.)

During Diablo 3 Console development it was possible to find high level legendaries scaled down to lower levels, but I think that’s no longer the case in live. It’s not going to be possible in Reaper of Souls, though, for any platform.

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11 thoughts on “Set Item Visual Improvements and Adventure Forever Mode

  1. I’m glad it’s working that way, would be a mess to find higher tier legends for trade if they drop at lower levels too.

    • There isn’t going to be trading, what have you been smoking?

      Also, the premise that finding a legendary at lower level means you won’t find it at a higher level is illogical.

      Put down the krokodil, it’s eating away at your brain.

  2. Time to rethink the item quality color-code?

    While readability (especially with color-blindness in mind) is a good point for clear, distinctive tones, the current state is quite a bit too kindergarten for my taste. Currently, loot tags definitely separate themselves well from the ‘background’ (supported by glows and beacons), but they do so much that they seem out of place.

    In consequence, the aesthetics of paperdoll, inventory and stash remind me of some fancy browser puzzle game – and a Bejewled style interface might not be what a dark, GOTHIC, fantasy horror game should be shooting for. How about something along the lines of:

    Achromatic tones = common junk
    – grey: normal items (no drop glow, no inventory background)
    – white: potions, gems, tomes, etc. (no drop glow, no inventory background)

    Blue/purple tones = stuff with some mystical energy
    – blue: magic items (no drop glow, faint dark blue inventory background)
    – redviolet: rare items (faint drop glow, dark purple inventory background)

    Golden tones = powerful and valuable treasure
    – dark gold/copper: legendary items (beacon & background)
    – shiny gold: set items (beacon & background)

    Compared to other artistic issues D3 has, color-coding may seem like minor detail, but: D1 had almost no green tones in its palette (I manage to remember some blue-green lighting in one of the cave levels and acid beast puke). This distinct lack of ‘the color of life and nature’ contributed largely to game’s atmospheric quality, in my opinion.

    • Did you not notice all the green in Tristram?

      But yeah, very few of the enemies had green colourings. You could get a teal coloured palette shift all of the dungeons however, which was most obvious with the Caves, but also showed up in the other 3 (eg the Hell levels would have a different shade on the ground, Catacombs had different floor and tops-of-walls colours, Church had different coloured ground tiles).

      I do like your colour suggestions better than what we have, but it doesn’t seem likely that they’re gonna change it now.

      • Maybe my last 12 computer screens were a little off, but that grass in Tristram isn’t *exactly* green (as in ‘lush, bright green’), it’s rather withered grey/brown. I think it’s one of those optical adaption tricks, where you know it’s supposed to be green, and your mind shifts grey tones from a dusk/twilight scenary to match that experience.

        Whatever the case may be, I’ve been trying to come up with a single ui element, item, spell effect or similar: seems to me they really avoided that color in D1.

  3. “To answer your question, yes, that character could level all the way to 70 by repeatedly playing Act I Adventure Mode, since the monsters would level up with you…”

    I’m speechless. Level scaling here we go. The most retarded system ever put in any RPG…

    • And this is different from leveling paragon in act 1 how?

      or getting rushed into act 3 over the less than 2 hours to hit 60

      I dont really see the big deal

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