Server Migration Underway

I said I would give you all an update when the new server is in. Well it is in and we are in the process of migrating everything over now. If you get any outages while I do this apologies in advance. Work should be complete in a couple of hours.

Update: The site is now over on the new server and your DNS should refresh soon at which point you’ll view Diablo: IncGamers on the new server. If you want to force your DNS to refresh open up a dos window and type in ipconfig /flushdns.

Please let me know how you are finding the speed.

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19 thoughts on “Server Migration Underway

  1. I have decided to stop think of Diablo 3 as sequel to Diablo 2:LOD.
    I will now think of it as a new game that has some things in common with the Diablo world.
    Anyone else feel that this would fix all the “Diablo 3 is not a Diablo game” compliants?

    • Well that is unrelated to this post…

      Good for you for making your little decision, but I will decide whether or not it’s a Diablo game after I actually play it for once. Only then will it be clear.

      • Well, Rush, the site was completely not working for me yesterday, around the time Kunzaito reported the occasional gateway errors.
        The site loaded eventually (after trying to open it about 5-6 times) and then it returned 504 gateway error while I was trying to log in or check the comments.
        Anyway, as for me – the site works generally faster but still slower than for example DiabloFans. Just saying – there is still quite a lot to improve on the performance so keep up working, guys:) It’s already the best D3 site out there and it’d be awesome if it was stable.

  2. My first experience with the new server was a 504.  When trying to post about it, I got a 500, no output on the error.

  3. Unfortunately, it’s not a case plug and play.  It’ll need a certain amount of tweaking that’s best done as traffic increases.  So bear with him if you can.

  4. I have not experienced any speed difference. I also don’t understand the method to refresh my DNS. I typed in “ipconfig /flushdns” in terminal (OS X) and it was obviously not the right thing to do. Would someone be so kind as to explain the instructions in more detail?

    Thank you,

    • Methods differ slightly depending on your OS. Google it and you’ll see something with help for your particular system.

      Basically you need to open a command prompt, also known as a DOS window, and input the “ipconfig /flushdns” This resets the DNS settings in your machine’s cache, which tell your browser which IP# to go to for a domain name. e.g. used to be on a server configured with IP# X. It’s now on a different server with IP# Y, and if your machine is still going to X, you’ll see the old version of the page on the old server.

      IP# changes have to propagate, and that came take a day or two, sometimes, depending on when your local ISP updates. Clearing your machine’s cache won’t help if your ISP hasn’t updated, though.

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