Server Maintenance Planned

Blizzard have announced servers are scheduled to go offline on Wednesday (US) for maintenance. Whether that means the patch we reported on last week is being rolled out or simply, well I don’t know what else could need maintaining. Whatever it is the servers will be offline for around 6 hours.

  • US Servers – Wednesday 6th June 5:00AM PDT to 11:00AM PDT

No word on when the EU servers are going offline.

Update: EU patching will be on Thursday June 7th at 05.00 AM CET and expected to end 11.00 AM CET.

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    26 thoughts on “Server Maintenance Planned

    1. Bah.  I don’t have to be at work until 10:00.  Was planning on getting some play in.  Remind me again why this game is online?

    2. It is online because you are playing with 2 million other players in a player driven economy and Auction House.

      You can’t play a trading game on a PC if you let people copy and duplicate items with cracked local copies.

      Even a child of 10 would understand it but apparently a lot of adult gamers didn’t reach that level of intelligence.

      Think about it when drinking coffee while you restore your system after a HD. Crash 🙂


      • Its also not unreasonable to hold them to their word when they told us that the game would not be having this sort of extended ( maintenance times.
        I understand they had a larger influx of players than they expected…(they should have seen it coming but thats another issue)

        But these down times are for patching primarily.  They had to know ahead off time that they would take this long, and they just lied to us instead. 

        I don’t think that’s acceptable. 

        • this is only a “issue” cause they are working on so much stuff right now. as the patching slows down so will the down times. not really a big deal. most people will be working anyway during the down time and not even notice it

          • You are absolutely correct.

            But at what point does it become too much?

            People say  “its a big launch, issues like this are going to happen its not really a big deal.” ( I would bet those are even the same people that were saying blizzard would launch D3 flawlessly.)

            People say “oh the account hacking issue is all the clients fault, its not a big deal blizzard has done everything in their power.”  (when they could easily implement a feature similar to coinlock or steamguard..instead they just refuse)

            People say ” as patching slows down so will the down times.  not really a big deal.” (when blizzard promised that D3 wasn’t even going to require this amount of down time to begin with) 

            There are a number of other examples… what is wrong with expecting blizzard to hold up their end of the bargain.

            They forced online only on us, many many people (if not most)  are against that sort of DRM.  They made statements that saying things would happen a certain way, and they lied to us.

            This is a game that they will likely make over a billion dollars on.  Probably just on box sales.  Over the course of its life time.  Plus whatever proceeds they make of their RMAH transactions.  

            We have paid them plenty, they should provide the service they advertised.  THEY ARE NOT.

            I adore this game, but I do not in anyway condone the attitude blizzard and its fanboys have taken regarding all of the service (among other) issues going on right now.

      • Wow – nice manners.  Stooping to insults to make a point.
        Many of us played Diablo 1 and 2 in single player or local LAN mode.  We had a great time.  Blizzard decided to add the auction houses to Diablo 3.  This is a feature I personally had zero interest in.  As a result of this feature, I now have to play online and suffer from lag, ISP issues, Blizzard maintenance windows, etc.
        The primary purpose of the auction house and online requirement, from what I can tell, is:
        1) Help people who were cheating by buying items outside the game in D2 and then getting scammed
        2) Help people who didn’t understand the consequences of making a single-player character
        3) Fill their own coffers with a cut from the RMAH
        I didn’t ask for a trading game.  They described it initially as a “nice, new feature” rather than “the entire focus of a game you loved for over a decade has changed to e-commerce.”
        But thanks for accusing everyone of being stupid and immature because they disagree with your worldview.

    3. Could also just be them updating the server software. If they made character saving quicker or other behind the scene changes.

    4. 6 hours is better than the 8 hours last week. I’d like to see this get closer to 2 hours eventually… 

      How is everyone’s online experience right now? I can say that my lag now stays in the 100s and I haven’t had a connection drop in recent history. Authentication at login is fast (similar to WoW), and my auctions post within 2 seconds.

      • I still get DCs every 10 mins if I’m not in general chat (and sometimes get them anyway) but login and lag are generally only a pain after a patch, presumably since load is higher than usual then – last week I couldn’t play for 3 nights because of that. The anti-lag is good enough that my 200-300 ping isn’t a prob (bnet D2 isn’t really playable from here). Overall, not terrible…

        *Playing on EU from South Africa.

        • Do you use iBurst by any chance? I had the most trouble with them.

          I play on both US and EU servers from South Africa… EU lag is slightly lower than that of US, but not by much. Frequent disconnects, but better than in the beginning. 

    5. i’ve dropped from a game once due to lag but I dont see it any different then if I was playing Diablo 2 online. If people want the game to be improved then they need to expect these downtime. It’s the only was they can fix things. There are 186 hours in a week, a 6 hour downtime leaves you with 180hours of possible play time. There is no reason to complain. Suck it up and find something else to do.

    6. “There are 186 hours in a week, a 6 hour downtime leaves you with 180hours of possible play time.”

      No, some of us have jobs, regular sleeping patterns, wives/husbands, and lives to live.  We can’t just sit around 24/7 and wait on the D3 servers to be up.  And the last time they had a maintenance window, it got extended by at least 2 hours. 

      If they’re going to mandate online-only play, that’s fine.  I really don’t have a problem with that.  But don’t make me pay $60 for a game that I can only play on your own servers and then have all kinds of server issues nearly a fully month after the game was released. 

      I swear it seems like about 25% of the times I login, it takes either multiple login attempts or doesn’t let me on at all… Maybe I’m just unlucky.  But it’s still annoying.  The simple fact is: this crap is unacceptable when they are (or should be) well aware of how to manage servers with millions of users.  This isn’t some new company with this being their first major release. 

      • Like I stated above, Diablo 3 is ALSO a trading game. You can ONLY play a PC game like that by being online. You simply can NOT permit local client copies with the full functionel game on it.

        Diablo 3 would have been copied, duplicated in items and content wide cracked with cheats IF the disk contained all data.

        There are HUNDREDS of games right now that ONLY function in online mode. All present and future Dota like games, all web games, all MMO s, all on line poker games. You name it, Diablo is just another one …

        Since the launching day, I only had 1 day where there were some troubles of logging in. Perhaps I am a lucky bastard … But I had MUCH more downtime in WoW at launch and after each expansion.

        People are just silly about it. Now I do see the problems if you have a real bad internet connection, but like ALL those other online games above, Diablo is certainly NOT worse in its first initial launching month as the average online game.

        What will you guys do when MoP comes out ? Demand a refund because you have a downtime ? 

        And Diablo is a trading game, so NO local copy can be distributed. Period.

    7. Cody, notice how I said “possible play time” because obviously people have other things going on in there life but just like in life you have to suck it up and deal. So suck it up and deal with the game you bought being down for 6 hours a week. You cant expect things to get fixed if they dont pull the server down. You also cant expect them to work around your work/family schedule so you can play when its convenient for you. You bought the game knowing it was an online only game and if you didnt you are more then welcome to get a refund for the game. I know of a few people who have got a refund because they were not happy with Diablo 3. You sound like one of those people.

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