Server Maintenance

Blizzard will be performing server maintenance today, so the beta will be offline.

We will be performing a small maintenance on the Diablo III test server starting at approximately 10:00 a.m. PST. This maintenance will include a variety of minor hotfixes as well as a database storage update; as a result of these changes, please note that your Friends Lists, Achievements, and “Recent Players” will be wiped.

We anticipate that downtime will last for about 4 hours, until 2:00 p.m. PST. Thank you for your patience.

This coincides perfectly with my scheduled play time tonight (GMT) so I’m tickled pink about that. Thanks to PaNts0NBhEaD for the newstip.

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  1. I refuse to feel bad for people who can’t play the beta for a few hours, when there are so many people who have never had the opportunity to play… 😉

    • Believe me, all thous people who still didn’t had the chance to put their hands on the game (including me) will have the advantage of feeling that “fresh new” first run the beta testers wont! Whey already run around the beta til boredom, when the game release they will already know that feeling of running around with their char!

    • If I could give you all beta keys I would but I can’t, not when I can make a small fortune selling them on ebay.  j/k.


      • too late, you’ve already been reported to Blizzard, so expect your account to be terminated and you’ve been signed up to a free lifetime subscription of bogus beta invites and WoW account notices “it has come to our attention you’ve been attempting to sell your WoW subscription account” when you don’t even have one

      • Can you please tell us all what welling is ? lol 😀

  2. Question for Elly, are you based in the UK? I mean I know you have an English accent but you could be living in the US for all I know! :p

  3. Elly is in the UK — And she is one cool cat.

    On the subject of downtimes, I REALLY hope this is rare on the final servers.  Me and my friend were playing the beta the other night and had a few server glitches.  It was MADDENING.

  4. Update: We’re extending maintenance to 4:00 p.m. PST.

  5. Yeah yeah, we know, this is a FUCKING online-only game…

  6. Just today I finished all achievements >.<
    Oh wellp ^^

  7. As long as they fix the absurdly annoying disintegrate/rapid fire bug, I will be happy with the downtime. That bug is so bad since patch 10 has arrived, that a demon hunter is no longer playable, especially for a strafe fanatic like me 😯
    With that said… SIGN OF RELEASE?!

  8. who gives a shit? 99% of us don’t have beta access

  9. Don’t feel bad, the beta is just a huge disappointment. Really, the game play is clunky, graphics are terrible, and there is no sense of a challenge at all. Oh, and the skill system takes every bit of strategy out of the game.

  10. I always get confused with americans and their refusal to use international standards. PST is what? GMT -8?

    Not to mention the imperial system.

  11. Elly, you can’t say ” so I’m tickled pink about that. ”
    Tickled pink means something completely different to us Americans. 8)

  12. I just tried to log in……. It has a message on the log in screen saying its 4 p.m PMT now……..

  13. I’ll say, anyone wanna put down arcane enchanted for that? jogos da polly

  14. Just wait for higher difficulty grades, I’m sure we will find some really annoying legendaries there jogos de sinuca

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