September Diablo 3 Beta Confirmed

We pretty much knew this going into Gamescom, but a September start for the beta was given during the D3 Q&A session, and Bashiok elaborated on that time window in a forum post.

Diablo III’s beta will hit by September, hopefully before, Blizzard game director Jay Wilson said during a Gamescom press conference today. When’s the game coming out? “When it’s ready.”
Bashiok: That’s weird, they originally had the exact quote in their Inferno article and then pulled it out and only quoted “When it’s ready.” in that new mini-blip thing. I think his original quote on Kotaku was “by the end of September” but I didn’t copy it down.

Anyway, to set expectations straight, beta in August is unlikely. But it shouldn’t be too long after.

The rumor is that Blizzard has had the whole beta time frame set for weeks, and it’s going to start in the 2nd week of September. It’s just that Blizzard being Blizzard, they were not/are not going to tell us that date until it’s nearly upon us, and they are sure they can make it. And yes, “soon™”, “pretty soon™”, “shouldn’t be too long™”, and all other expressions of an indefinite period of time are trademarked by Blizzard’s Project Hourglass.

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  1. Truth to that flux. I would put my guess down for 2nd week of Sept too.

    • Remember when Blizzard swore up and down that the Starcraft 2 beta would start “this summer” and it started the following februrary?  Dont get too excited yet, I think were forgetting who were dealing with here….

  2. Hell yeah! (bad pun intended)

  3. Great! I’m very glad for the confirmation, I was starting to get worried there lol.

  4. Yep, its official,I need a change of pants.

  5. hell, it was about damn time…

  6. Yep… you were right Flux…

  7. Blizzard has actually been OKish with release dates lately, if for no other reason than they know not to give them. Valve Time on the other hand…

  8. so much expectation for a game that essentially sucks. i can already see the tsunami of posts ” this game is boring fix it” , ” what happened to my diablo? “, ” we waited 5 years for this?”
    im storing my money for torchlight 2 and skyrim

  9. So, where is the countdown timer on the site for the approaching Beta? Yay!
    Trolls! Go home!

  10. This and the Battlefield 3 beta in September. Good stuff!

  11. wow …any variation of the word “comfirmation” on this site feels so weird to read.

  12. No reason to get excited yet. Bashiok did not mention a year!

  13. the wait is almost over. although.. only NA fans will be able to play the beta for the largest part. If they’ll rush things for a 2011 ship, it will happen like the WoW EU open beta = 30% of US open beta length.

  14. Hehehe…Just as I have posted a few times already:

    1. Beta in September.
    2. Release announced at Blizzcon – Unless there is a major issue during beta (not likely).
    3. Late November or early December release for holiday season. 

    We are almost there peeps!

  15. When they are going to launch SC2 expansion ? If it’s this summer, then I do agree with redtigeroh that December or early 2012 is a good time.

  16. Oh finally! (Sparkles light up the eyes) an almost date! Ooooooooooooooah

  17. “Diablo III’s beta will hit by September, hopefully before,”

    “to set expectations straight, beta in August is unlikely. But it shouldn’t be too long after.” 

    uh, what ?

    “by September” means September 1 
    “hopefully before” means before September 1 (which would be in August) 

    “in August is unlikely.” means exactly what it says 

    so, which is it ?

    before September 1 or by the end of September

  18. anyone expected something different than the last month of the 3rd quarter ? xD
    could still be the 30th 😉
    go go go i want this game now xD

  19. Imagine all the sweet news and data and screenshots and all the stuff we will see when beta comes out! Looking forward to, damn it! =)

  20. this news repost in our forum(translated of course),the webmaster bloodface reply in that thread unexpectely and according to his diplomatic circumbendibus ,i think  “start in the 2nd week of September“  confirmed.

  21. Waa, this is so great!

    Gotta say I am so lucky – I know I will get into the beta. ^______________^ (I mean got an email about it. ;))

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