Blizzard revealed concept and in-game art for the DiabloWikiBlacksmith back in August, when the DiabloWikiCaravan was announced at Gamescon. We didn’t get a look at the DiabloWikiMystic or DiabloWikiJeweler then though, or any time since… not until they were shown in the Crafting Sanctuary panel at Blizzcon.

    Since not everyone saw that image, and since some of us haven’t yet had a chance to watch the whole panel, @Diablo posted a small shot of them. You can see it below, and better quality versions on the individual DiabloWikiArtisan pages. This pretty clearly rules out DiabloWikiAdria for the Mystic, since it would be hard to find two pieces of concept art that showed more different women.

    Incidentally, if you’re currently having trouble viewing the Diablo Wiki, it’s a problem with your DNS not updating to the new IP#, since we did a server move earlier this week. Flushing your DNS cache should fix it, and if not you can temporarily access the site through an alternative URL.

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