See how Diablo 3’s character art is being censored in China

It’s common for games to be tweaked for the Chinese market and Diablo 3 is no exception so it comes as now surprise now that Diablo 3 is being released in China there will be changes. Chinese site has done some digging and put together images which show how things will be changed.

As Chinese gamers will have expected, much of the gore has been removed. Features such as bones, blood and even stitches on some of the mobs are no more. The removal of some of the art detail has been undertaken by Netease, the Chinese operator of Diablo 3 to fit in-line with their policies to make sure the game is approved for sale by the Chinese government. This will be more of precaution if anything else so the game sails through the approval process preventing any delays in release.

Below is an image of some of the changes and have a few more too which you may want to check out.

diablo 3

Update: I had to add Ghom with pants. Because pants!

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  1. Interesting what different cultures or countries allow or not. US tends to restrict sexual imagery (though we do get topless succubi in D3).

    Germany is famous for banning red blood. And apparently China bans bloody/gory monster models. I wondered if there was some connection to them being undead, rather than demonic or the like, as Chinese religion has a lot of veneration for the ancestors… but looking at the OP, I see demons and cultists and others have been de-sanguinized also. The best one? Ghom with pants!

  2. Wrong, Germany WAS famous for banning red blood. These are things of the past.

  3. It looks like they've armored Ghom…that would be a bad idea.

  4. I do actually like the changes to the blue/orange zombie. The skull-looking face is better than the original half-missing face.

  5. Good thing, or they couldn't have shown the [email protected] game uncensored in the homeland?

  6. A country that lines drug addicts and political protesters against a wall and puts a bullet in the back of their head is offended by unrealistic blood / gore in a cartoon style video game.
    Good to see your moral compass is working China.

  7. I recently came back from a month long trip in China. My brother-in-law (he lives in Zhengzhou) plays League of Legends and other games. Young people there aren't really offended by the blood and gore stuff. I bet many of them would prefer to play original versions of games. It's just the government censoring what they don't like for the most part.

    There's a lot of sexualization in their movies and games but no nudity. I think the government edits out blood and gore in the hopes of it not making people violent or something. The Chinese government actually cares very little about religion. They are even forcing people in small villages to be cremated, and took my wife's grandpas coffin away a month before he died. The shock of that law bothered old people so much that some even tried to die the month before the deadline.

  8. You've got it all wrong. Its just that red is reserve for the People's Army…

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