Most of you guys played Diablo I in the old days, though you were probably like, 11 at the time. If you played the game it’s a safe bet that you enjoyed the cinematics, primitive though they are by today’s standards. Did you know there were a number of other cinematics on the CD that were not enabled in the game?  The most notable is the Butcher’s short and brutal introduction. Chop!

    You might also enjoy the Rogue’s and Sorcerer’s versions of the ending cinematic; they’re identical to the Warrior-starring verison, except for the sight and sound of the character screaming after plunging in the soulstone.  (Skip to about 0:55 for the money shot.) The rogue’s horrendous scream and bulging, crazy eyes is the highlight of this viewing experience.

    The unused video is just a curiosity though, compared to the vast troves of unused audio. If you played Diablo, and especially if you still do, this ten-minute movie is a must view (listen). It compiles dozens of unused remarks, voice prompts, quest dialogues, and more, all spoken by the NPC and character voices we’ve come to know so well.

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