Want to create your Diablo 3 Battle.net beta forum nickname? You can’t, at least not yet, but some enterprising fans found some javascript functions in the page to pop up a box for that purpose. (If the D3 beta forum existed yet, and your account were authorized to connect to it) It can be used on the page now, if you use the right bit of code, and KuangTu took a screenshot of himself getting into it.

    More interestingly, as forum user fludDAstud let us know, the Chat Gem on the new B.net forums… actually has some interesting code tied to it. I’m not going to quote the javascript code (it’s in the post if you want to read it), but basically the D3 Gem on the page has a counter, and the code ties that count to the counter on the (not yet existing) beta signup counter.

    It seems, from this code, that endlessly clicking on the chat gem might do something towards granting a beta invite. It’s not enabled yet, and may never be; it could be just an Easter Egg for clever fans to discover. A quote from Tilitoon in the same thread:

    The D3.Gem as well as the BetaSignup objects are not defined. So basically every time you click on the gem, the counter is incremented on the clientside but it does absolutely nothing besides that (yet), until they implement the BetaSignup function (which would trigger an ajax call to the appropriate page).

    Just think; you might get the chance to wear out your mouse before you even start playing Diablo III!

    If you’re looking for an alternative, if you can’t get on their forums or are banned from them, then feel free to join in our community. I’m sure you’re find it welcoming with lots of happy helpful members.

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