Secret Forum Stuff, Uncovered

Want to create your Diablo 3 beta forum nickname? You can’t, at least not yet, but some enterprising fans found some javascript functions in the page to pop up a box for that purpose. (If the D3 beta forum existed yet, and your account were authorized to connect to it) It can be used on the page now, if you use the right bit of code, and KuangTu took a screenshot of himself getting into it.

More interestingly, as forum user fludDAstud let us know, the Chat Gem on the new forums… actually has some interesting code tied to it. I’m not going to quote the javascript code (it’s in the post if you want to read it), but basically the D3 Gem on the page has a counter, and the code ties that count to the counter on the (not yet existing) beta signup counter.

It seems, from this code, that endlessly clicking on the chat gem might do something towards granting a beta invite. It’s not enabled yet, and may never be; it could be just an Easter Egg for clever fans to discover. A quote from Tilitoon in the same thread:

The D3.Gem as well as the BetaSignup objects are not defined. So basically every time you click on the gem, the counter is incremented on the clientside but it does absolutely nothing besides that (yet), until they implement the BetaSignup function (which would trigger an ajax call to the appropriate page).

Just think; you might get the chance to wear out your mouse before you even start playing Diablo III!

If you’re looking for an alternative, if you can’t get on their forums or are banned from them, then feel free to join in our community. I’m sure you’re find it welcoming with lots of happy helpful members.

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25 thoughts on “Secret Forum Stuff, Uncovered

  1. I really rely on this website for getting the latest news, opinions, and objective coverage.

    But the constant message for “use our forums, not the Blizz forum” scare tactic is getting quite annoying. I’m not sure if this is due to incgamers sponsoring you guys or pressuring for a more active community, but this has to stop.

    IMO, stop telling users to do or what not to do. They’ll choose for themselves… if you guys have quality forums, you’ll have users posting.

    • Constant message?  Over react much.  This is the 1st that Flux has said there might be an issue with the d3 forums.   And it is because a few of our users were banned over seemingly nothing posts.

      • I’ve gotten messages from quite a few people who’ve been tossed bans for really stupid reasons.
        The mods there are just out of hand. Especially the heavy-handed Neth who waltzes in like she knows something about this community. Leave it to Bashiok, k?

    • They’re not telling people what to do so much as they’re acknowledging their own forums where the rules are more lax in comparison.

    • He edited it a bit now (according to admin timestamp).  Not sure what he wrote but it was on the back of hearing accounts from various people about how it’s been since those forums opened (we’d been relaying stories to each other just last night). So it wasn’t unfounded or incorrect, but you’re not to know that I guess.

      But I must say, we’ll continue to point people to our own services and things we have and continue to work hard on. We have a very dedicated team of moderators and a vibrant community of friendly helpful members. And as that isn’t all over the news we’ll use other opportunities to let people know about what they could be missing.

      That said, if you do have any genuine feedback about diablo.incgamers feel free to leave it in the feedback forum but if it’s simply ‘I don’t like, stop now’ don’t waste your time.

    • well i`ve been there and well 80% of the threads are pointless spam and so are 80% of the comments. most of them are just openly drooling over what ever it is they like. if i had mod rights there i`d  have to move atleast 50% of the threads to off topic delete 40% and ban half of the user -.-

      but thats also the reason im not going there , you cant openly ciriticize Blizzard. and if you do you get banned  or only unproductive spam comments from a bunch of teenager incapable of reading or writing more than 140 characters at a time.

      and even if there are productive threads / discussions at times – its like searching searching gold in barrel of crap.

  2. who got permabanned for voicing a mild objection to a useless thread? risingred got a temp ban. there’s a huge difference.
    i agree with mksk on this…

  3. You guys are ignoring the coolest discovery on the news. The chatgem connected to a possibility of entering beta. Come on.

    • That was in the post, bud.
      I’m betting it was an easter-egg joke the web guys pulled, though.

    • That screenshot is real. There is a function defined in the javascript for the forums that displays it, you can display it yourself by going to the D3 forums, pasting “;” into your address bar and hitting enter.

    • diablo open beta forum. Open is related to the forum not to the beta…the forum is for the beta, that’s what i read.
      The nickname is not for the beta ofc, is just for this forum.

  4. Having moderated forums in other venues, and seeing the general insanity that goes on on those boards, I’m not surprised that have a low tolerance and fast trigger. Why people would be surprised over this considering the sheer volume and low numbers of moderators *shrug*.. Not sure why this is news

  5. Well… If someone got banned for talking about the mod team decisions, I can completely understand that. There are some mods, like me for instance, who don’t mind being shown their mistakes, and there are some who hate it. It all depends on the living person who uses the mod account.
    Personally, I do not think that banning people for talking about mod decisions is a bad thing, but it should be very clearly stated that such behaviour is forbidden and any complaints should be sent via private message or e-mail. It’s really a matter of approach. However, I think that even if the forums have such policy, users who violate it should be given a warning first, then, if they ignore it, a short temp-ban, then longer ban with a warning that the next time will result in permanent ban. Sometimes it’s better to teach than to punish.
    However – if they ban people for having different and skeptical opinions – well, they shoot themselves in their foots, so to speak. There’s no better way to kill reasonable discussion than to eliminate people who have a different point of view. In my career as a mod of one big polish sc 2 forums I banned people only if they posted scam, used inappropiate language or were rude to other users (mods included – if someone said: “hey, stop doing X, because it annoys people”, I had nothing against it, but if someone turned on the rage mode and said: “You, mod, you are an idiot”, well, he got banned). I think that’s the best way to handle things, all in all, mods are there to serve users, not the other way around. So, if their mods are banning people who post things that are critical towards the game and stuff – it’s bad.
    Personally, I think that Blizzard staffing team just screwed up big time while hiring mods. They’ve probably took guys who didn’t have any real experience in moderating forums. Newbie mods tend to treat rules very strictly and they don’t have “well, the discussion is nice, so I’ll just forget I saw it” kinda approach. I know because I used to be like that too:) I deleted offtopic, threatened to ban people on every step and then I’ve learned that as long as people are having fan exchanging their opinions in a civilised way, it’s ok. It doesn’t really matter if someone makes a little offtopic or posts rational opinion that is totally different from other people point of view:)
    All in all, the more you disagree with someone, the more eager you are to prove them wrong, don’t you?:)

    Anyway, I believe that the problems with D3 official forum mods will resolve on its own given some time. I believe that they just took some PR-diploma dudes who have to learn how to be a moderator without being a buzz-kill.

  6. Meh, i never planned on signing up to bnet’s forum. I tried to the other day, and it just took too much trouble. I cant even find my way around there to sign up. I dont remember What’s my “realm” or whatever, or what’s my login.
    From the post few days/ weeks ago when they announce our game will be tied to our forum account, so that a ban on there will be “felt” more, i knew the best way to deal with that forum, is not to get into it.
    I dont know much bout the forum on this site, since i dont use it much, but the only time i used it, the peeps were cool enough to understand why i sounded bitter, and gav me some constructive comments. I dont use much forums at all, but if i ever need to choose, ill come here before i go bnet.

  7. The Blizzard fanboys are dumb as rocks over there. Half of them would eagerly drop to their knees if Bashiok ever stood before them.

    • Which would be fine if there was actual legitimate conversation about the game that didn’t read like a series of nonsensical tweets.

  8. The screenshot says “OPEN BETA FORUMS”, can this mean that Blizzard will open the Beta for anyone in the later stages?

    • No it just means the Beta forums are open to the general public IE any one can access the forums regardless of if they are in the beta or not, though a Key is needed to post on it. Compared to “closed beta forums” where only beta testers can get into.

  9. Excited by the fact that I have been quoted on the front page of one of the major Diablo “fan sites”, I thought I would try digging a bit more in the new Diablo 3 forums code.

    It seems the Nickname creation is indeed the real deal. I tried creating a nickname using the available (hidden) functions and this is the Server response I got : “A Diablo III beta game license is required.”. Interesting…

    • Sorry to “double post” but I just thought about something. Apparently some fan sites have been contacted so that their account would be set up in advance with some kind of Diablo 3 Beta access (even if it would not show up in their account profile, the beta might still be active for their account even before the actual beta starts). So if someone has their hands on one of those accounts and wants to try the Nickname creation to see if it works, let me know.

  10. ugh, I should’ve remembered to quote… now I just sound obnoxious after the article was edited. 😡

    But yes, it had a pretty beefy paragraph out of the blue regarding forums that completely derailed my train of thought about the main article.

    Anyways, if users are like me and recognize the value of this site for its high quality coverage and constant updates, than they’ll come.

    P.S. I especially appreciate the mobile version of this site. I get to logon this site from my work without the glaring obvious \GAMING SITE!!\ that can be seen by anyone walking into my cubicle 😆

  11. All this talk about the code doing stuff is rubbish. The code piece that was quoted in the forum post was actually commented out. The code does nothing because it doesn’t exist as code.

    It’s probably a friggin’ prank by Blizz and nothing more.

    • I’m not sure what you are referring to exactly as “rubbish”. If you mean that clicking on the gem is pointless because it doesn’t do anything other than changing color (for the moment), then sure, I agree. But as Cherubdown and I have pointed out, there are pieces of code within the page that actually do something (even if simple mortals don’t know how to use them). It gives us hints about the Open Beta Forums, and the imminence of the Beta.

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