Ben Boos wasn’t kidding when he said he wished he had 10 books to give away. He felt so bad that only two entries won copies of his new book that he dug into his personal supply and found two more advance copies. Who wins them? That’s up to you guys. We’ve nominated 10 honorable mentions from the contest and stuck them all in an article thread. Each one is numbered and named, and all you’ve got to do is view them all, think it over, and vote for your favorite two.

    The vote will remain open through September 9th, the day Ben’s book hits stores across the world. The two with the most votes at that point will win an autographed and personalized copy. The vote thread is here; choose fairly and wisely.

    Remember that you can always find all active and closed competitions in the DiabloWiki DiabloWikiDiii.net Contests article!

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