With the end of Season One and the great merging approaching, many players are wondering what sort of Paragon level they’ll attain when their seasonal and “era” experience is added together.

    We’ve looked at charts and graphs in the past and the answer to the combined exp is always “a lot less than you’d expect.” That’s because the experience increases exponentially with higher Paragon levels, so adding P200 and P200 doesn’t get you anywhere near P400 (it’s P277), and the numbers get scarier as you advance. P400 + P400 = P507. And P500 + P500 = P599. And P600 + P600 = P682. And so on. The real sadness is when you add a lower amount to a bigger one, and see it hardly make a drop in the bucket. (P500 + P100 = P504.)

    If you want to calculate your own values precisely, Bulgarian D3 site D3BG.org has created a helpful Seasonal Paragon Experience calculator that adds values up to Paragon 1448. Just enter your seasonal and era paragon levels and click the “Go” button for instant satisfaction. Or not, depending on the numbers involved…

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