Seasonal Paragon Experience Calculator

With the end of Season One and the great merging approaching, many players are wondering what sort of Paragon level they’ll attain when their seasonal and “era” experience is added together.

We’ve looked at charts and graphs in the past and the answer to the combined exp is always “a lot less than you’d expect.” That’s because the experience increases exponentially with higher Paragon levels, so adding P200 and P200 doesn’t get you anywhere near P400 (it’s P277), and the numbers get scarier as you advance. P400 + P400 = P507. And P500 + P500 = P599. And P600 + P600 = P682. And so on. The real sadness is when you add a lower amount to a bigger one, and see it hardly make a drop in the bucket. (P500 + P100 = P504.)

If you want to calculate your own values precisely, Bulgarian D3 site has created a helpful Seasonal Paragon Experience calculator that adds values up to Paragon 1448. Just enter your seasonal and era paragon levels and click the “Go” button for instant satisfaction. Or not, depending on the numbers involved…

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  1. that is a bulgarian site, not russian. 🙂 Russian language is not the only one that use cyrilic.

  2. The whole exp combination thing seems less than exciting since I'm going to play Season Two right from the start. I was out of town last Season and wasn't able to join in the scramble, but I hope to be rushing along this time. And thus all existing exp, from era or s1 is sort of irrelevant. Alas…

    • Does that mean you will be joining us in NA for some seasons?

      • I joined you in NA for this season… I just didn't get started until a week after everyone else. (And have played all PTR the past month+, because testing.)

        But yeah, I'm hoping to have free time to play right when S2 goes live, HC on the Americas server. See you there?

  3. Last time I copied and logged in on PTR, my paragon level was lower than live… It's not like seasonal paragon 75-ish adds a lot to NS 400+

    I'll try to actually play o S2 🙂

  4. 440 -> 443 woot a whole 3 levels!

    Again I'll be leveling a char to 70 only to get the transmogs and return to non-season right away.

  5. Kind of a kick in the teeth to see my own paragon levels don’t add up to much. I’m sure others are having as much of a saddening experience to see how little the season adds to non-season levels.

  6. 454 + 258 = 487. Math is fun isn't it?

    • I think we should all take the opposite perspective. So don't think of your P454 only gaining 23 paragon levels. Think of your P258 characters nearly doubling in Paragon points!

      To share my pain, I'm at P550ish (softcore) in Season 2 on the PTR thanks to the big exp buffs and legendary drop rate letting me supergear so quickly. Even after the buffs went away, I was continually amazed how fast I leveled through the 400s and 500s when playing a char that could steamroll T6 or GR40+. It felt faster than going up through the P200s with a character who had to struggle in T6.

      At any rate, I'll go from that to Paragon ZERO when I next play S2 on live, and that'll be in Hardcore without the huge leg drop rate buff.

      Hopefully we'll at least get the +100 exp buff the first days of the new season…

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