Non-Seasonal Greater Rift 52 (3 Players)

On reddit, Gabynator posted a video of his 3 player party as they run through and complete a level 52 greater rift. The website is being slow as I type this but this would make them Non-Seasonal Rank #1 – 3 Player Greater Rift.

Their party consisted of Gaby’s Demon Hunter, a Barbarian and Witch Doctor. That Conduit at the end though.


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  1. You mean non-season rank#1?
    And actually it is a 4 player rift: 4th player is the conduit.

  2. I fail to understand how the Rift Guardian dies 10x faster than the champions/elites … what am I missing?

  3. Another Non-Core achievement. It’s the monkey/typewriter/Shakespeare thing.

  4. Even if i get a Conudit Pylon i dont get >30 Billion hits… how is that possible?

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