Seasonal Greater Rift 50 (4 Players)

A full party of 4 lead by Joebo went and cleared a level 50 greater rift. With great coordination they cleared the rift with only a handful of deaths. You can check their video below on how it all went down.

Their team consisted of two Demon Hunters; Austerity and Uruu, with Joebo as the support Witch Doctor and their tank was a Monk named Barbalel. They finished the rift with 2 minutes and 12 seconds to spare and as of me writing this are #1 in the 4 player Greater Rift leaderboads.


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  1. Impressive. According to Grift difficulty chart its about Torment 14 🙂
    I wonder how high the players will get before the power creep will catch them.
    Obviously everything will change when Season 2 hits with new legendaries and don’t get me started on next, inevitable expansion where we can look for level cap increase and a bunch of new features which will completely change power balance.

  2. Impressive indeed.. I spotted a white monster with 25 billion life. Those little blue sparks that were constantly being cast hit for 100 million damage each. 🙂

  3. I can’t even solo a GRift 20 🙁

  4. What combination of skills is allowing them to perma-stun mobs like that? Also, it’s becoming apparent to me that doing higher grifts isn’t about having more toughness, it’s about just never getting hit. For the 5-7 minutes I watched, the witch doctor’s health only dropped below full once, and then it was almost fatal.

    • Something like Wyrdward, I assume. Combine that with a billion slow lightning arrows being cast by you and your sentries, and you should be able to stunlock everything.

      And yeah, most of the top ladder characters have very low toughness.

  5. nice cheating team.. means nothing to me.. zero skill in that video..

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