Fans seem to have an inexhaustible ability to ask questions about how things Seasonal characters earn will transfer back to their main account after the season ends, and the Blues have an inexhaustible ability to keep answering them. My patience to keep newsing them up is waning, and from the number of comments on the last one you guys aren’t exactly riveted with interest. But we’re here already, so we might as well continue the dance…

    How Do Seasonal Character Achievements Transfer?

    I saw there is two new stuff in seasons for achievements, the ”seasonal only” achievements and the ”conquests”. Will these two ”new tabs” roll over to my non-season achievements after? Will they be transfered to feat of strenght? What’s gonna happen with these?
    Tyvalir: Great question. Conquests and Seasonal achievements are handled differently:

  • When a Seasonal character earns an achievement that you haven’t already earned on your non-Seasonal characters, it will immediately register for both your Seasonal and non-Seasonal characters.
  • When a Season ends, any Conquests you earned won’t appear in your list of non-Seasonal achievements or add to your non-Seasonal achievement points. Instead of the two tabs you mentioned “rolling over” into your non-Seasonal profile (since they don’t exist outside of Seasons), your Conquests and total Seasonal achievement points are snapshotted to a separate record in your profile (so people can see what you achieved each Season).
  • What happens to the achivements like ”complete 10,000 bounties”. If I complete a bounty in season, does it count towards my non-season achievement? If it doesn’t, here is my question, will the number of bounties I complete be transfered to my non-season number after season? Let’s say I have 4,000 in non-season and I do 2,000 in season.. at the end of the season is my number of bounties done gonna be 6,000?
    Tyvalir: Yup! All progress you earn toward an achievement during Seasons should count toward your non-Seasonal achievements as well. (In the example you gave, you should have 6,000 bounties after your Seasonal progress carries over.)

    What about the ”seasonal only” achievement tab though (for example kill 1,000 skeletons in act 1 or kill king leoric 100 times)? They will just add points to your seasonal achievement total?
    Tyvalir: Correct. You won’t be able to see the individual Season Only achievements you completed once the Season is over. However, these achievements contribute to your Seasonal point total (which is snapshotted along with the Conquests you completed).

    There is not a separate achievement for non-season and season after the season ends, but if an unearned achievement in non-season is completed during the season OR the non-season and season achievement combined totals the required amount to earn the achievement, then it is awarded when the season counters are rolled into the non-season counters.
    Tyvalir: Almost! In this case, the achievement should be recognized in both your Season and non-Season profile as soon as you complete it in game. You don’t have to wait for the end of the Season for the achievement to become active in your non-Season profile.

    I didn’t read a word of that because really… who cares? If you’re playing Seasons you’re doing it for fun or a fresh experience or whatever, and it’s not like you’re going to stop now because you don’t like how Achievements will (or won’t) transfer over, etc. I think people just ask all these questions to have something to complain about if they get answers they don’t like, which wouldn’t actually affect them personally in any way.

    BTW, if your new HSea Monk has a build/gear that’s great for dealing with large numbers of trash mob type enemies at once, but isn’t so good for solo bosses… you really might want to take a knee at some point during the Realm of Trials, rather than pushing it as far as you can go. Since it’s pretty easy to get a Greater Rift that’s well above the difficulty level you’ve been playing, and then bad things can happen. Speaking hypothetically, of course…

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