Seasonal [6] Greater Rift Video Watch #12: Season’s End

Greetings all and welcome to the next installment of the Seasonal [6] Greater Rift Video Watch. This time around it has been a while since we’ve had many videos. As the sixth season draws to a close we look and see how high the current meta went.

Featuring videos by Empyriangaming, Alexis Williams, and Blatty.

Empyriangaming: [Diablo 3] Season 6 GRift 127 4man rank1 world

Update: Changed the video above with the latest greater rift vid by Emp. Thanks to TheHobbit for the heads-up.

Check below for the other videos.

Alexis Williams: Diablo 3 S6 – GR 127 4P – Rank 2 EU, Rank 3 World

Blatty: Diablo 3 : GR111 Rank 1 World “No-Firebug-Exploit-Wizard” (Season 6)

As the season reaches past the 125 mark. Who knows how soon we will see a greater rift of 150+. If you want to see past greater rift video posts check here. See you all next time as we enter season 7.

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  1. Just noticed that you linked “Empyrian’s” groups 126 clear 😀
    They did complete 127 though, the video is also up on his youtube. Which happened to be Rank 1 World 😀

    Just a to let you know 😀

  2. God, those group vids remind me of baalruns.

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