Greetings all and welcome to the next installment of the Seasonal [5] Greater Rift Video Watch. With a new season comes newer videos, featuring players reaching newer heights with the latest power-creep. How soon will people reach greater rift 100? According to John Yang not very long.

    With the start of the season I’ve found 5 videos from both softcore and hardcore. Greater rifts ranging from 77 all the way to 84. The power creep is here featuring videos by AlkaizerSenpai, Quin69, addep0nkeN, oogie boogie, and Desolacer.

    Quin69: D3: GR80 DMO Wizard clear (rank 1/early season)

    Check below for the other videos.

    AlkaizerSenpai: GR 84 Rank 1 Crusader

    addep0nkeN: S5 EU HC – World First WD Grift 80

    Desolacer: [Diablo 3] S5 HC – GR77 Rank 1 DH EU with Legacy of Nightmares (FoK) setup

    oogie boogie: GR84 HC Solo wiz Season 5

    Now that season 5 has begun the race to greater rift 100 and higher is on. Will it be the next watch or the next? Who knows but I will bring those videos as soon as they happen. If you want to see past greater rift video posts check here.

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