Greetings all and welcome to the next installment of the Seasonal [5] Greater Rift Video Watch. With the season ending it’s time to show a few more videos from players rampaging through the Greater Rifts.

    Featuring videos by Blatty, Empyriangaming, Carboncloud, and Quin69.

    A minor update but it should be made clear here. A video was removed after learning of one of these people being banned. Shortly after this post went up word of a 3rd ban wave has hit. More news soon.

    Quin69: S5 [HC] GR81 Monk FULL pet build + Insane RG kill! (rank 1 NA)

    Check below for the other videos.

    Blatty: Diablo 3 : GR97 Rank 1 EU Wizard Season 5

    Carboncloud: GR 106 Diablo III Hardcore Season 5 4player Rank 1

    Empyriangaming: [Diablo 3] Season 5 GRift 111 4man

    With the season coming to a close who knows where the power creep will take us. Not to mention the potential meta changes in the future. If you want to see past greater rift video posts check here.

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