Greetings all and welcome to the next installment of the Seasonal [4] Greater Rift Video Watch. This time as we get closer towards the end of the season we have four videos. Some of these may be older and some may be newer.

    From Drahque we have him spinning to win on his barbarian soloing a greater rift 78. Then from there we have Lunko‘s group slamming through a greater rift 89. Then last but not least Nan Shi‘s group tears through a greater rift 91.

    Drahque: World Rank 1: Grift Tier 78 – Solo Barbarian

    Check below for the other videos with a special one at the end featuring Hexers and their 3 man team on the PTR for patch 2.4.

    Lunko: 89 grift

    Nan Shi: Diablo3 Season4 4-man GR91 (Rank1 World)

    Here’s a special video for this watch featuring Hexer’s 3 man team as they plow through a greater rift 87 on the PTR giving us a glimpse into Patch 2.4.

    Hexer: Diablo 3: Heal Monk – GR 87 Three Player (Rank 1 PTR) – (Patch 2.4)

    Could we see a greater rift 100 before the season ends? Who knows but that would be quite a sight. With that we’ll see you next time for another batch of great seasonal greater rift videos. If you want to check out past posts from throughout the season check out Watches #1, #2, #3, #4, and last weeks #5. Also for more past articles from season 4 check out past articles here.

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