Greetings all and welcome to the next installment of the Seasonal [4] Greater Rift Video Watch. This time post Blizzcon 2015 we have three videos from players during the season plowing through some greater rifts.

    First off TopTop strafes his way through Khazra and Unburied to complete a greater rift 70 on the US. Next Danta takes a group in to battle their way through a greater rift 85 and completes it to tackle Voracity for the win. Lastly Drahque takes his clan-mates in a 4 man team to tackle and clear a greater rift 86 to face off with the Crusader King for the win.

    TopTop(Jon): GR70 (14:45) DH clear – Rank 1 US

    Check below for the other videos.

    Danta: [Dantatv] Diablo3 GR85 4man with Sader

    Drahque: Rank 1 Season 4 (Greater Rift Tier 86, 4-man player)

    With that we’ll see you next time for another batch of great seasonal greater rift videos.

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