Season One ran for over five months, which everyone thought was too long. Season Two ran for just under two months, which most people thought was too short, especially since Bliz announced it would be short and launched the next patch on the PTR just a couple of weeks into S2. Season Three was announced to run at least 4 months, and we’re currently about 2 months into it… and the natives grow restless.

    When is season 3 going to end?? Yea like it is getting boring and no one playing any more.

    …They said it would last about 4 months so that should be sometime in August.
    Tyvalir: Thanks for jumping in with a helpful response, DuckOfDeath!

    We’re still aiming for Season 3 to be at least 4 months long. As Wyatt mentioned previously, our goal is to strike a balance between providing enough time for players to commence their journey together, and for their Seasonal characters to mature.

    As always, we’ll continue to review any constructive feedback we see on this and compare it to our own data in making adjustments to find the ideal Season length.

    I’ve noticed a lot fewer players online in recent weeks, which is ironic since most of us thought S2 was too short, and yet S3 has now run about as long as S2 did… and lots of players are already taking a break from S3, and acting like they wish S4 was about to get underway.

    So is every season doomed to be either too long or too short? Can there be no Goldilocks Season? If you guys could flip the magic switch, would you end S3 and start up S4 right now? A month from now? In August? Later? (Ignoring the fact that the next next content patch to launch with S4 is obviously nowhere near ready, since it’s not even on the PTR yet…)

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