Season Three is Too Long?

Season One ran for over five months, which everyone thought was too long. Season Two ran for just under two months, which most people thought was too short, especially since Bliz announced it would be short and launched the next patch on the PTR just a couple of weeks into S2. Season Three was announced to run at least 4 months, and we’re currently about 2 months into it… and the natives grow restless.

When is season 3 going to end?? Yea like it is getting boring and no one playing any more.

…They said it would last about 4 months so that should be sometime in August.
Tyvalir: Thanks for jumping in with a helpful response, DuckOfDeath!

We’re still aiming for Season 3 to be at least 4 months long. As Wyatt mentioned previously, our goal is to strike a balance between providing enough time for players to commence their journey together, and for their Seasonal characters to mature.

As always, we’ll continue to review any constructive feedback we see on this and compare it to our own data in making adjustments to find the ideal Season length.

I’ve noticed a lot fewer players online in recent weeks, which is ironic since most of us thought S2 was too short, and yet S3 has now run about as long as S2 did… and lots of players are already taking a break from S3, and acting like they wish S4 was about to get underway.

So is every season doomed to be either too long or too short? Can there be no Goldilocks Season? If you guys could flip the magic switch, would you end S3 and start up S4 right now? A month from now? In August? Later? (Ignoring the fact that the next next content patch to launch with S4 is obviously nowhere near ready, since it’s not even on the PTR yet…)

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  1. In my opinion, every season has to be about 3 months give or take.
    also , in order to keep interst all through the season , i think they should deploy patches in the middle of the season instead of between them.

  2. I personally thought 2 months short at the time, and boredom setting in slowly this season for me. feeling 3 months is a good season duration.

  3. Noooo, I still did not got to 70 with my Monk! Give me at least 2 more weeks.

  4. speaking personally the lack of achievements gave me less to do this season so i would say yes, it is too long. also the fact that i feel forced to play in a group or be super gimped solo also hurts my interest in this season.

  5. Three months, so four a year, surely.

    If it’s good enough for Mother Nature it’s good enough for Blizzard :).

  6. A season where people will gain over 1000 paragon points is just plain silly. 3 months seems to be good, no more than that please. Why do people want such long season by the way? The sooner seasons are over, the more items and play styles get pumped out for everyone to enjoy.

  7. They want player characters to mature and grow in Seasons despite the nature of Seasons being temporary. Weird.

  8. For me personally, 3 months would be the sweet spot. 2 months was indeed very short and 5 months way too long. In my opinion, 4 months is a bit on the long side too, but perfectly manageable. At least it will give me time to reach paragon 500 😉

  9. Main issue here is that it is area, where casual and hardcore gamers meet. Casual players can probbaly dish 1-2 into game per day, so for them the longer Season is good thing. Now compare it to the hardcore that plays 8+ hours a day. Of course they get bored fast.

  10. Two months into a S3 and I have only paragon 130 and didn’t complete even one full set, let alone all four I’m planning to get. I’m not a hardcore player (despite what my friends say), I have a job and I need my sleep too. I can’t play 10+ hours a day like some dedicated or high school players out there so four month season seems about right for me.

  11. I have yet to reach 400 achievement points. I play solo and about an hour a day. 4 months seems like a decent time to accomplish this. I’m almost there now. 3 months would feel really rushed for me.

  12. Lost interest in season3 about 3 weeks back (paragon 500’ish is where i usually fade out).

    Been playing Witcher3 instead, so all is good.

  13. This season is too long because too much powercreep making t6 feel less fun sooner than s2. I think GR’s have turned into something they shouldn’t have (speed paragon farming). Just no way to keep up unless you have a dedicated group. T6 should be for farming, GR pushing gems/rank. Gap between solo/group is far too much.

    That and I think I’m hooked into Heroes of the storm. I feel the grinding in HoTS has a better payoff for time spent playing.

    • those are all good points. I don’t mind the powercreep. Because I think Grifts are the place to be challenged in the end.

      But, I do agree that I’d like to see solo be as fruitful as group play; however, I’m not sure they have the ability to balance that.

      I’m guessing a group will always be stronger than an individual. And, I know they, Blizzard, want it that way. They’re always encouraging game-play to be a social experience.

  14. I agree I think a lot has to do with power creep and the fact that T6 is easy mode even for HC. I don’t mind T6 being farbable, but a few of my friends with farming it within 1-2 weeks of S3 starting. I play more then most, I’d say 2-3 hours 6 days a week. I’ve hit paragon 528 and i’m growing bored. The only thing keeping me into it at all is playing a self found barb or crusader with my wife, who is somewhat new to the pc game.

  15. Seasons are for leaderboards and achievements. If you’re chasing the former and aren’t on top, I’m not sure why you would complain, and if you are chasing the latter, why keep playing when you have them all?

    4 months will work out ok for me, missing one month due to vacation, but again since I’m chasing a top 50 spot, maybe not.

  16. Instead of each comment indicating a duration with up votes, what about a poll?
    I personally think casual players should have the time to reach the portrait reward in HC. I have no estimation about this time since I reached it faster than I first thought.

  17. It’s summer time and vacation soon, I’m outside playing with my kids. I’ll be back in fall or on really rainy week-end days or if there is a new expansion soon.

  18. I honestly think this season is already too long. For me, The unit of time for a season doesn’t have to be measured in exact months.

    I thought that season 2 was actually the perfect length. But, everyone seems to agree that 3 months sounds perfect.

    Though Season 2 was shorter than 3 months … It left me wanting more instead of less. I wasn’t able to meet every goal or get every piece of gear. It was a challenge to get on that season’s ladder; time running out and players jockeying for a spot there in the last few days.

    I realize there are super casual players who can only invest 1 hour a day. And, I feel that Seasonal challenges will always be difficult for those players. As, I’ve become, more and more, a casual player(due to responsibilities in the real world) I can sympathize. But, I still believe that even 3 months is a long time, a long season.

    Also, what I’d be rooting for, and I’ve posted about this in the past, is a period of downtime between seasons. A non seasonal season, if you follow me. A time to flex the collective muscle one has acquired from season to season. Being able to play with the whole account you’ve created, all paragon points added up; all your best treasures sorted and available. Which would also provide a needed rest for the players who would like to invest significant time in a season but, then later need to make up for that investment by investing in the real world outside of diablo.

    So, I would propose 3 x “11 week seasons” each year (that’s 2 months 3 weeks) this would add up to 33 weeks of seasonal play a year. 52-33=19 weeks left over divided by 3(3 breaks between seasons) would leave us with 3 6 week breaks. (6.3 to be more exact) so, this would give us about half the time of a short season to sort through the seasonal gear we’ve accumulated, play with our collective gear and paragon or just take a break from diablo and work. (I just have to generate some capital or I can’t play any diablo)

    11 week season
    6 week break
    11 week season
    6 week break
    11 week season
    6 week break

    rinse and repeat.

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