Season Three Gameplay: Spin2Win Barb and GR51 UE DH

For today’s installment of “people who have a lot more gaming time than you do” here are a couple of Season Three Gameplay videos showing off high level performance with new sets in the early days of Season Two and Patch 2.2.

First up is a Hardcore Barbarian using five pieces of the new Whirlwind set and 3 pieces of the Immortal King’s set, plus a RoRG, and blitzing through a T6 rift in a cool 1:30. The player is Kniff and you can see his EU profile here.

Next is a Demon Hunter using the new Unhallowed Essence Multishot set and clearing a GR51 fast enough to (temporarily) take the #1 spot on the Realm. Click through for the video.

The DH isn’t Hardcore and there is death, and it’s not Seasonal though obviously he found all the UE gear in the past week since v2.2 went live, so still pretty good for less than a week of farming, and not even P500. No link for his profile and gear, but you can see from the buff icons that he’s using Pride’s Fall the full six piece UE and Focus/Restraint, but (curiously?) not Taeguk, which would seem an ideal LGem for the spec.

Meanwhile I haven’t even had enough play time to hit level 70 yet, though hopefully this evening I can get on for a couple of hours and start the Paragon leveling. How are you guys doing? Unleashing the power of the new and buffed sets yet, the way these two videos show is possible?

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  1. He can't be using Pride fall and Focus/Restraint… Without a RoRG you can't get the 6 piece bonus because UE has a helm. Never ceases to amaze me how sub para 500 people are running around with such great gear. I've been playing since vanilla, 600+ and have yet to find even one piece of jewelry with cc/cd/socket. I always have to roll something out to add the socket. And if there's a socket, there's never cc/cd… Nevermind elemental dmg.

    • RNG is RNG. I usually have really bad luck with jewelry, but on the other hand before P110 I've found 3 Ramaladni's already in S3. My friend, who we powerleveled to 70 in 45 minutes, gambled Tasker, Mask of Jeram and two pieces of the Zunimassa set from the ~500 Blood Shard he got before 70 (from two Blood Thiefs). I was "slightly" jealous of him.

  2. You’re right, it’s not pride’s fall – the buff icon shown is actually the one for the reduced damage set bonus from UE.

    • Yeah the helm icon for 4p UE set looks very like Pride's Fall, but obviously he's not using that without a RoRG. It shows the power of a good Focus/Restraint, since the obvious gear choice with this set and Fire Multishot (as he's using) is Cindercoat for the reduced cost and +fire damage, and yet going 6p with F/R beats that.

      Also note the chest in this set is a cloak, so can roll with +discipline which is worth a ton of damage, while Cindercoat can't. That plus F/R certainly beats Cindercoat on total damage output. I still have no idea why he's not using Taeguks, though. It's ideal for this spec since you're shooting MS at least every 3s forever; much faster to build and easier to keep the stacks up with this than with M6 Cluster, also.

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