Season Three Exclusive Legendary Items

Season Three Exclusive Legendary Items

news-s3-legsBlizzard has clarified the full list of legendary items that can *only* be obtained by playing in Season Three. (Until the season ends and they join the general item pool.) Season Three Exclusive Legendary Items:

DiabloWikiDead Man’s Legacy

  • Multishot hits enemies who are below (50-60%) health twice.
  • DiabloWikiDread Iron

  • Ground Stomp causes an Avalanche.
  • Massed and ready.
    Massed and ready.


  • Summons a Fallen Lunatic to your side every 12 seconds.
  • DiabloWikiObsidian Ring of the Zodiac

  • Your first hit with each cast of a resource-spending attack reduces the remaining cooldown of one of your skills by 1 second.
  • DiabloWikiBlessed of Haull (Previously Hammer Belt)

  • Justice spawns a Blessed Hammer when it hits an enemy.
  • DiabloWikiRanslor’s Folly

  • Energy Twister periodically pulls in enemies within 30 yards.
  • DiabloWikiLittle Man’s Finger

  • Gargantuan instead summons three smaller Gargantuans, each more powerful than the original.
  • DiabloWikiSpirit Guards

  • Your Spirit generators reduce your damage taken by 30-40% for 3 seconds.
  • DiabloWikiIceblink (Legendary Gem)

  • Your Cold skills now apply Chill effects and your Chill effects now Slow enemy movement by an additional 5% (increases with each level).
  • Rank 25: Gain 10% increased Critical Chance against Chilled and Frozen enemies.
  • DiabloWikiMutilation Guard (Legendary Gem)

  • Gain 10% melee damage reduction (increases with each level).
  • Rank 25: While below 30% Life, you may move unhindered through enemies.
  • DiabloWikiBottomless Potion of Amplification

  • Instantly restores 60% Life. Increases healing from all sources by 20-25% for 5 seconds.
  • As with previously reworked Seasonal items, once patch 2.2.0 launches, these items will no longer drop in non-Seasonal games and will remain removed from the non-Seasonal Legendary pool until Season 3 concludes.

    The common player complaint is that some of the non-seasonal new or changed Item Sets aren’t as useful without certain legendary items that pair ideally with the, such as Dead Man’s Legacy with the new Multishot Unhallowed Essence set, or the Ob/Zod with lots of things. There’s no real response to that other than, “play seasons, Dude.”

    We know from the Tavern Talk that S3 and future seasons should run for about 3+ months, so if you refuse to Season your heroes, at least you won’t have to wait much past the start of July to get your shot at these S3 exclusives.

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    19 thoughts on “Season Three Exclusive Legendary Items

    1. I wonder if people will be playing more Non season besides the leveling part because of the few legs available.

      • i personally have not touched the base game since seasons launched. i am sure i am in the minority but i enjoy the restart. they could offer no exclusive items and i would still play seasons.

    2. the only good items are :
      +dead man legacy
      ranslor’s folly
      -little man finger
      -spirit guards
      and these 2 legs gems are nice
      The others are completely unuseful !

      • 7/11 is pretty good.

        Also those other 4 might not be ‘useful’ now, but there could be edge cases when they’re good. And then future set items / legendaries / skill changes might have good synergies with these ones.

        • items that can only be found on season how do u see it then ? lol.. punishment, thats like adding items only for hardcore thats not fair they should drop no matter what mode u play if u ask me..

          • Exclusive items are not a punishment. That’s a CHOICE. Life is full of them, so get used to it.

            If you choose to star over from scratch, you get the items first hand. If you choose to keep going from where you already are, you get the VERY SAME items later.

            As for your hardcore comparison, it would be a completely differente situation, for the simple simple fact that your hardcore items will never become softcore items, as opposed to the season, which WILL roll over to non-season.

            All in all, this is a game, and it has rules. That’s just the way it is.

            • Bla bla.. like i dont know its a game dont talk to me like im 10 years old, its a game why not let everyone enjoy the new items ? why is that so hard to understand that i dont like it, you can have your opinion and i say that i dont share yours.

              problem? deal with it..

          • You complain that I “treat you like a 10 year old”, then you behave just like… a 10 year old!

            I never offended you in any way, and you are surely entitled to your opinion about the whole exclusive items thing.

            I simply offered you a different view on the matter. If you don’t agree, that’s just fine by me.

    3. Exact transcript from Tavern Talk: Live Q&A (March 23) livestream, about season reward in general, and S3 specifically:

      Zpidead: Any chance to have an increase to rare weapon drops rates in seasons? I am paragon 460 WD and have not found a dagger of darts yet and took me until para 450 to find my first kukri.

      Travis Day: Starmetal Kukuri is super-rare, because it’s insanely powerful.

      Wyatt Cheng: We’ve had a philosophy for a long time that Rarety = power. So when you get a really rare item, it feels really powerful. That said, rather than make the rarest weapons more common, I’d rather see some of the other weapons get really good legendary properties. That’s still something John is working on, that’s something whole team would like to see. We’ll get there, not there yet. You’ll see some of it coming in for 2.2. 2.2 didn’t just get the new sets, there also got reworks of lots existing legendary items. And we continue that as well.

      I think we should always have a few rare items that are really really good. That’s part of the chase.

      John Yang: The first part of the question segways to the topic we talk about – “Why don’t you make rare items drop more in seasons?” And that’s kinda goes towards the question of: “Do we want to make people play seasons because drop rates are 10x times higher? or items the better?” I think that’s something we’re as yet unshure. We’re still discussing that, looking at it. And replacing certain items in or out of seasons. I tnink the general feeling: a new set like the Multishot set [Unhallowed Essence] we would not put to Season only, that’s too far. Season 3 gonna have Dead Man’s Legacy and Obsidian ring of the Zodiac. Obsidian ring is gonna be build defining, it’s gonna work on lot of builds. Dead Man’s Legacy is to me, – it’s the personnaly for me, – like the 7 piece to Multishot set. It’s really feel the Multishot build is incomplete without it, so i’m really… I’m gonna said “lament”. And i’m not happy with fact that it’s seasonal only. But i know there are another thoughts in another direction, and something we still talk about.

      Wyatt Cheng: Yeah, we talk about it all the time. It’s a tough one. How much do you incentivize seasons? Seasons has been a very popular feature, we look at a data: over half of our players took part in Season 2. And i say “take part”, i mean: there are some very, very active people who have enjoyed that and we got a feedback. But we’ve also seen feedback from the flipside of people, who say: “I’m not a seasonal player, i’we been playing for last year non-season, i just like building up my character and making them as powerful as they can be”. And they don’t like when they feel forced to go in a season. This is something John and I, we sometimes have our own disagreements about how much do you incentivize a season. Even thou “7th piece of the Multishot Demon Hunter set” isn’t available non-season right now, it’s going to be when Season 4 comes in. I think that’s okay.

      What we experimenting more this season is the cosmetic rewards. Lots people say: “Hey, i rather have not that is base on power, instead of just a cosmetic”. For those who aren’t heard, there’s two new cosmetic reward for Season 3, for the achievements: one is a pennant. It’s seems actually like a anniversary pennant, because we pretty exited the 1-year anniversary of Reaper of Souls, and Season 3 will overlap the 3-year anniversary of Diablo. It’s kinda anniversary pennant for Diablo, if you get a 100 achievement points in season. And you get a custom portrait frame, if you get 400 achievement points in season. And this aren’t achievements what have you seen before. Previous to this the achievements where the same, just duplicates of non-seasonal. This time around Don Vu [Systems Designer] offered brand new achievements for this season.

      So we’re trying it out that, and basically say: “Hey, this is the incentive for playing in a season, for those of you who want. And those who don’t want to — all you missing out is the cosmetic reward”.

      John Yang: At the end of the day our goal is make sure the game as is fun for as many people as possible. We are really as yet unsure we’re making people incentivising them to play seasons is what will makes the game last for them and make the game fun for them in a long term. So, we trying things out, like putting more powerful items in seasons, and we gonna try see how it goes.

    4. 2 Statements 1. We want to make the game as fun for as many people as possible and 2 What can we do to give incentive to play seasons!!!!

      I don't want to play seasons, but the incentive is that I want one of the pieces for how I want to play my wizard with the new set. So what is going to happen is I will have to endure leveling (that is correct purely endure it ) for a chance to play the way I want to play the new set wizard. Don't you see the problem? I am having to do something that I don't want to do for a reward I want. That is not fun that is work. I thought seasons was a way to be competitive etc, what more incentive do you need if you are into that?

      I will probable do the season but I will be forced to and I hope you are happy with that 3 Blizzard guys, at least someone will be.

      • For people like you, there's an easy solution: wait a couple weeks into the season when all your friends are already Level 70 and well geared and have them power level you. Powerlevelling now is well-established and can be done in a matter of hours with little input from you

    5. Punishment? “Have to play” a certain way?

      I really don’t understand most of the complaints… If you want a season-only item and don’t want to play season, it’s very simple… Wait for the season to be over!

      In the meantime, find another way to play! Experiment with your character. I’m sure I will…

      Focus on having fun, rather than on finding X gear.

      I’m on the non-season team, by the way. I’m dying to get the Gem of ease when season 2 ends, but I don’t see a problem knowing that the players who did play the season already have it.

      Starting over is tough, I’m very ok with specific rewards to seasonal players.

    6. This is the best crop of seasonal legs yet. So much so that I think Blizz should re-think making some of these seasonal only. It’s going to be frustrating waiting for S3 to end to find the new legs, especially knowing they plan it to be longer than S2.

      BTW, was it just me who thought S1 and S2 legs were mostly garbage?

      • If you really like one of the seasonals items and can’t wait for it, play the season.

        I’m not a big fan of seasons myself, but I’m considering giving it a go just for the Ob/Zod ring. Haven’t made up my mind about that yet.

    7. I really don't find it a problem. Sure, it is not perfect, but looks to me like the best solution, currently. If you don't like to lvl a character again just for the season, you can either ask friends to power level you, or simply wait for end of season. Really, it's not a big deal, given the current state of the game.
      On a side note, as I have stated again, the lack of need to re-roll for a new build, in a D2 way or similar (improved but not completely removed?), would have helped to give motivation for many players to start again in a new season. But that is gone once and for all, so I really don't think it can be helped. Still, it doesn't hurt that much to start from scratch in a season.

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