Season Three Achievement: Pennant Reward

Season Three Achievement: Pennant Reward

Season Three Rewards
Season Three Rewards
There are new visual treats coming for players who earn Achievements in Season Three: A new portrait frame and a big banner that shows over your character in-game. Whatt Cheng offered some info about how to earn them in a Reddit thread. Season Three Achievement: Pennant Reward.

You get the Pennant at 100 Seasonal Achievement points and the Portrait Frame will be 400 Seasonal Achievement points.

Also worth noting that Don Vu redid all the seasonal achievements this season! So these aren’t just repeats of the non-seasonal achievements, nor the achievements from Season 2.

I never use the various bony or glowing wings since I find them visually distracting, but I occasionally see other players with them turned on, so I know some of you guys are into this sort of thing. Also note that this is the second pennant of this type; the first, the Warsong Pennant, was added last year as a bonus for players who pre-ordered the last World of Warcraft expansion pack.

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2 thoughts on “Season Three Achievement: Pennant Reward

  1. 400 points? Everyone will have these in the first hour but I guess that's the point.

    Good to hear about new achievements in S3 though, I like them.

  2. i cared about achievements during the first season cause i thought they would stick. as soon as season 2 started and they were wiped clean, i definitely stopped caring. getting 400 points is so easy without thinking about it, so its barely "harder" than getting to 70 during the season. so thats… cool i guess? doesn't really make any difference or add any awesome points for me though.

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