Season Six now on the PTR

ptr season 6

Ready to test out Season 6? It’s now live on the PTR.

Attention, nephalem,

Season 6 is now live on the PTR as of today, March 23, at 5:00 p.m. PT. As part of the Season launch preparations, the PTR has been wiped of existing information. You will need to copy your character again if you wish to continue testing outside of Season 6. We apologize for the short notice.

Note that importing a character from live after the start of Season 6 will automatically convert your Seasonal characters to non-Seasonal; Season 6 characters must be leveled in the Season 6 environment.

Thank you, as always, for your diligent testing and excellent feedback!

Drahque has also updated his guide for Season 6 so if you are looking for pointers then check that out.

You can also find a full list of the Season 6 Conquests after the break

ptr season six conquests

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  1. I was super keen for the PTR last season.. sunk several weeks into it. When season 5 actually went live i was bored with it in under 2 weeks (achieved most of what i’d wanted).

    Not gonna touch it personally.. more power to those who do tho.

  2. This my favorite season start… The PTR one… Did not manage to get the stash tab in season 5 (I do not play enough to get two conquests and the proposed one were really boring : either find sets for many classes, or find many ancients to improve them a lot for the "45 without set" quest) so somehow, since I am mainly "season only", PTR or live does not make such a difference. These conquests are at least doable with a single class.

  3. So does this mean we are only getting a minor patch alongside the next season this time? Or did I miss something?

    • Yep – just an buff to regular skills and sets, changed gem`s abilities and new cosmetics.Hopefully that Pet Master Goblin is still in this patch.

  4. Torment X ehh? I finally am able to play at Torment VIII by completing a set through Season 5 reward. Still can’t complete the last season task. No way I will have the time to get someone to torment X level. Won’t even bother with season 6.

  5. Christ, just scrap Torment altogether if you're going to make it "bot farm the grift keys" mode. Solo 75? That's the baseline? Really?

  6. lol I've never reached 65 , now they want my gems to 65 and get to lvl 75 Grift solo , taking the piss now . Hate to think what you have to do if there is another stash tab on offer , this is getting beyond a joke .

  7. They should have skipped s6 for this minor patch… Just extend S5 for three months

  8. Did someone find an info about the progress required for extra stash tab on S6 ?I hope it won`t be the final part.

  9. exactly my thoughts. there is no way i am going to be able to finish 3 conquests this season. maybe if played in a group i would have a chance but going solo, no way

  10. Acquiring the set pcs in Haedrig’s was lvl 70-kill Izual, T-2, and grift 25 solo on ptr. Guide may need updated.

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